How to choose the best bedroom rugs for our home?

original bedroom area rug poster bed hardwood floor

Bedroom rugs are as important in the interior of the room as any other element. The bedroom is our place to relax and rest and it should be comfortable. This applies not only for a comfortable environment, but also to the cozy little things that turn your bedroom interior into a true oasis of rest.

 How to choose bedroom rugs?

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Many people wonder how to choose the best bedroom rugs. There are a few rules which you need to follow if you want to get the best rug for your room. First you need to decide whether you want a big or a small carpet for your bedroom. This would depend on the size and shape of the room itself. Bedroom rugs are offered in different sizes and shapes as well – rectangles, squares, circles, diamonds, trapezoids – so it will not be a problem to find the one that suits your needs.

Wall-to-wall bedroom rugs or area rugs?

elegant bedroom rugs modern bedroom interior design

Many believe that a wall-to-wall bedroom rugs are much more convenient and functional for many reasons. They are fixed on the floor so that there is no chance you could slip. In addition, such carpets can be a continuation of the interior design provided they are skillfully combined with linens and colors of the bedroom.

white blue striped bedroom rug beach style interior

Small bedroom rugs can be used as a color accent which stands out in the overall design and draws attention to itself. Bright, white or beige interior will be greatly complemented by contrasting colors.

cowhide rug zebra motif modern bedroom interior design

Cowhide rugs will add refinement and uniqueness to the interior. Many modern designers are increasingly using such carpets as they are not only fashionable, but very durable and particularly pleasant to the touch

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Fluffy shaggy rugs were originally created for the bedroom, because they are most pleasing to bare feet. They, however, are difficult to maintain, so you need to carefully consider how you are going to maintain the carpet. The most popular and practical materials for such carpets are silk, nylon, wool, and polypropylene. Each of these types has pluses and minuses, for example, silk is very wear-resistant, but it is quite expensive,

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Wool bedroom rugs are one of the best choices as they are environmentally friendly, reliabile and durable. They are easy to maintain and it is true that natural wool is much more pleasant to the touch than synthetics, which surrounds us almost 24 hours a day.

 Purple and gray color combination in the bedroom

 purple bedroom interior shaggy rug gray stools

Colorful bedroom rug in the kids bedroom

colorful bedroom rug kids bedroom ideas rainbow colors

The white carpet contrasts to the dark wood floor

contemporary bedroom rugs ideas hardwood flooring beige shaggy rug

A matching orange carpet complements the colors of the interior

orange bedroom carpet orange walls bedroom interior ideas

Elegance in beige and white

how to choose best bedroom rugs size shape material

elegant bedroom design area rug armchairs

contemporary white bedroom white side tables shaggy rug

modern bedroom design brown white colors white carpet

brown bedroom rug beige brown bedroom interior

bedroom rugs materials modern rugs for bedrooms design ideas

bedroom rugs interior design ideas color accents

bedroom rugs design shaggy rug modern bedroom design

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