Amazing Moroccan bedroom ideas – bold colors and ornate accessories

moroccan style interior design bedroom furniture ideas moroccan accessories

We will show you some amazing Moroccan bedroom ideas which look as if they came out of one of the fairy tales “Thousand and One Nights”. All these bedrooms have an exotic charm, fascinating ornaments, and even the modern look at traditional Moroccan style is a perfect harmony between modern furniture and traditional motives.



Moroccan bedroom ideas – an exotic beauty and a flair of the Orient


Moroccan bedroom decorationg ideas green wall color moroccan carpet

Moroccan bedroom ideas are mainly characterized by some features that are easy to implement – Arab patterns, bright colors of the fabrics, fantastic lights, wrought iron fixtures, accessories and decorative items in oriental style. A typical feature of Moroccan bedroom furniture is that it is lower and usually made from solid wood or wrought iron. Ottomans, lots of pillows, draped curtains of light silk – these elements complete the look of a Moroccan bedroom. The dim lighting emphasizes the intimacy of the bedroom and every detail is used to create the unique atmosphere of Morocco.


Moroccan bedroom ideas – how to decorate a modern bedroom in Moroccan style?


moroccan style bedroom interior bedroom color scheme purple green brown

Many people are attracted from the visual appeal of Moroccan bedroom ideas, the harmonious interiors and bright accents. The exotic patterns and stunning colors of the Moroccan style can help transform a bedroom into a world of luxury and splendor. If you are one of them, take advantage of the practical tips below how to design a Moroccan style bedroom interior. Use architectural elements which are typical for Morocco – arches, rounded corners near the ceiling, mosaic tiles, etc. Get a carpet with Moroccan patterns in bright colors and fabrics, bedding sets and pillowcases with Moroccan ornaments and intricate patterns and prints. Hang Moroccan lanterns at different levels of height and select a different color scheme.


Moroccan bedroom color schemes


unique Moroccan bedroom ideas wall decoration framed mirror purple fabrics

The colors of Moroccan style are very similar to the color of the sun and the desert: a lot of gold, yellow, orange, red, ocher and terracotta, brown, jade as well as traditional Arabian colors – blue, purple and pink. One of the most popular and attractive bedroom color schemes is the combination between purple and gold. Both colors always give the interior style and elegance. Purple looks natural in a Moroccan bedroom and with a few golden accents it will create an interior of an oriental fairy tale.

moroccan style bedroom design ideas wrought iron bed frame red colors

Dramatic red is another good choice for a bedroom in Moroccan style. Combine different textures and shades of red to enhance the effect.

Elegant modern white Moroccan bedroom interior design canopy bed moroccan lantern

If you prefer more neutral interiors – white is also widely used in Moroccan style – white walls or floor, or a large amount of white in mosaics and ornaments on the fabrics.



Moroccan bedroom ideas tufted headboard red wall color lighting

unique Moroccan bedroom ideas purple colors bedding pillows

small bedroom decor ideas Moroccan bedroom decor ideas arched door

Moroccan bedroom ideas moroccan lanterns wooden headboard silver ottoman

Moroccan bedroom ideas ceiling drape lighting curtains

Moroccan bedroom ideas carved wood bed frame and nightstands

Moroccan bedroom ideas arched door jade wall color

moroccan bedroom decorating ideas bright wall color carpet canopy bed

modern Moroccan bedroom ideas podium bed arch orange wall color low bed

modern moroccan bedroom design ideas neutral colors gray beige spectacular lantern chandelier

modern Moroccan bedroom ideas neutral colors canopy bed

Elegant modern Moroccan bedroom ideas luxury white bedroom white furniture

Elegant modern Moroccan bedroom ideas integrated lighting white furniture

bedroom decoration ideas moroccan style interior lantern wrought iron table




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