Fabulous Canopy Beds for Contemporary Homes

Fabulous canopy bed design ideas

Once upon a time, these fabulous furniture items graced only the bed chambers of royalty and the aristocracy.  Nowadays, the classic canopy bed has become a contemporary style statement.  Perhaps the most glamorous type of bed available, a fabulous canopy bed will instantly transform your bedroom. Included here is a fabulous modern collection of canopy beds with styles to appeal to all tastes.

Fabulous Canopy Bed Idea

Contemporary bedroom interior design

Practically the canopy bed first evolved to provide extra warmth and privacy to the noble slumberer.  Majestic palaces and stately homes might have looked very impressive, but keeping the wintery chills out of the grand bedrooms was a full time job, as winds whistled through the windows and cold corridors of these historic houses.  Nowadays, this is less of a problem as most modern homes benefit from contemporary heating systems and well insulated windows.  However, a few of us still choose to live in more traditional properties and in these instances a canopy bed could still be of practical benefit!

Designers Create Fabulous Canopy Beds for all Interiors

Modern bedroom design with canopy bed

Within this gallery of fabulous canopy beds you can see how the basic frame has been adapted to suit all lifestyles and interior design schemes.  There are simple minimalist examples, grand carved specimens, streamlined modernist frames and more rustic styles to suit country houses.  The added advantage of the canopy bed is that whatever the basic style, the framework can be dressed to coordinate with your interior design scheme.  Drapes and canopies can also be altered to suit changing seasons and temperatures.  You might style your bed to suit a Mediterranean themed room, a jungle setting, an Art Deco scheme, a room like a mogul palace or even a naughty Parisian boudoir.  The added bonus is that, if you change your mind, all you have to do is change your drapes!  You can even dress up your fabulous canopy bed for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas.


Sunny Bedroom Design with Canopy Bed

Beautiful canopy bed design ideas

Beautiful Canopy Bed Idea

Fabulous canopy bed

Zen Bedroom with Comfortable Canopy Bed

Modern interior design

Stylish Canopy Bed Design for a Contemporary Home

Fabulous canopy bed design

Modern Bedroom Design with City View

City view from a stylish canopy bed

Pure White Bedroom Interior Design Conception

White bedroom interior design with canopy bed

Fabulous Bedroom Style

Contemporary bedroom design idea

Vintage Canopy Bed Design

Bamboo canopy bed design ideas

Cozy Canopy Bed Design

Modern bedroom design ideas

Lovely Canopy Bed Design Idea

Vintage bedroom interior design with canopy bed

Modern Bedroom Design Idea

Contemporary bedroom interior design ideas

Fabulous Canopy Bed Design

Fabulous canopy bed

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