Stunning bathrooms that screams of the minimalism


Luxury minimalist bathroom design

Minimalistic bathrooms from nowadays make you hold your breath and ask yourself: “Is this a bathroom, really? Because, to me, it looks like a saloon in a royal castle?” This wow-effect is usually achieved when we put some doze luxury and stress it with simplicity and neatness. That is when a bathroom looks perfect and stunning.

Minimalist bathroom


Minimalist bathroom with Baroque style furniture and chandelier

The first stunning bathroom made in a minimalistic style is situated in a spacious premise with high ceiling and long walls. The light nuances make the beautiful bathroom look even roomier and this increase the sensation of comfortableness and desire. The elegant Baroque style furniture – the table for the cosmetics and its shelves and mirrors, the cabinet and the armchair of a queen – are stylish and made of the finest bamboo wood. The whole luxurious atmosphere is scored under with a Persian carpet, retro tub and a crystal chandelier.

Minimalist bathroom design


Minimalist bathroom design with red furniture and Jacuzzi

Second bathroom is completely perfect and it speaks of the minimalistic style only. No unnecessary thing is here, everything is simple and artificial. The Jacuzzi looks like a lake, which is built in a solid marble on the pavement. The red cabinets are the eccentric motives and the curved shapes of the mirror, on one hand, and on the lamp setting, on the other make the bathroom screams of “Perfection!”



Minimalist bathroom with blue ceramic tiles

The third and the fourth pictures introduces to us some stunning bathrooms that save for the minimalism, shows some classicism, as well. The furniture is delicate and graceful, showing a glance of female presence, which in the blue variant can characterize the woman as a fatal woman. Either variant you choose, you choose a perfect collaboration between minimalistic simplicity and classic comfortableness in a contemporary bathroom.

Luxury minimalist bathroom


Dark colorful luxury minimalist bathroom

The last stunning bathroom is stunning us with its royal and bright colors. They influence wealthy, luxury, gorgeousness and elegance, as well. Marble and terracotta shine together with the blazes coming from the aroma therapy candlesticks. Purple as a color, itself, symbolizes passion, superiority and inspiration.


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