Let`s make the bathroom look bigger – tips


Minimalist bathroom interior design

If you are one of those unlucky people who have little bathrooms, do not worry – there is an option for you, too, to feel fine in your own bathroom. The thing is that sometimes the true important issue is to make something to look big than to get it big or make it big. Same tendency is observed in the interior design art – creating illusions is the shortcut to make your home look perfect – it may be not, but at least it is very close to this perfection.

Luxury small bathroom


Luxury bathroom with bathtub and toilet

To make your bathroom look than it is, firstly, the logic says to remove everything unnecessary. Naturally, the WC and the tub must stay, but some old boxes for cosmetics or all the towels hanging on the door of the bathroom will make it look tinier and really, really cramped.

Modern bathroom


Modern bathroom with white sinks

All the things that could be replaced from bathroom to another room at your home must be immediately removed, and those, which use is connected with the bathroom things, better hide and accommodate in the cabinets of the bathroom – hiding them, you create the illusion that there is enough place for anything in the bathroom.

Minimalist bathroom


Light minimalist small bathroom

The net tips, small bathroom`s owners should remember, is to forget about any decoration. The room is small enough to be overcrowded with some things that should be better placed in the lounge or in the bedroom. A small bathroom interior design will even look inadequate if it is too decorated. That is why if you have a small as sizes bathroom but, still, want it to be stylish and beautiful – better play with the colors in the interior design than to put some stupid figures, vases, carpets and curtains all over the little premise.

White elegant bathroom


White elegant bathroom interior

As to the colors – a small bathroom needs light colors to look more open, wide and specious. The classic white bathroom symbolizes elegance and luxury. Make it look even more beautiful with some simple golden or silver motives on the mosaic terracotta you have chosen for the floor and buy some nice ceramic plates for the sink – put there some aroma soups and feel the freshness inside the bathroom by airing it every day – if it is glazed of course.

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