Ideas for furnishing a small bathroom


Elegant bathroom furnishing

The bathroom is a place in the household, meant for relaxing in. If it’s sufficiently spacious, there can be a place for everything necessary there. However, if the area is small different types of arrangement decisions must be sought.

Modern small bathroom


Small bathroom with modern lighting

If the bathroom is narrow and long, it’s good that the sink, shelves and bath-tub or shower be on the longer side next to one another. Every element should have its own lighting. It’s not appropriate that a smaller area be compensated by putting additional layers of bases for some sectors. An exception can be made for the bath-tub, since it is an element, which should take up less space.

Bathroom with wallpapers


Beautiful small bathroom with wallpaper

Instead of faience, the walls can be covered with bathroom wallpapers, so the area of the room will not become narrower, like it would become when placing tiles on the walls. It is appropriate that all shelves and stands be placed across the walls. The same thing goes for the accessories.

Bathroom with jacuzzi


Comfortable jacuzzi in the small bathroom

There is no room in a small bathroom for a shower-cabinet, but a hydro massage panel can be build onto the immovable shower. A hydro massage can be possible if the bath-tub is replaced by a Jacuzzi.
An interesting idea is for the bathroom to be spread into a wet area, where the sink, bath-tub and shelves will be placed, and a dry one with different floor covering like that in the other rooms. This area can be meant for resting. Soft furniture can be placed there, as well as a place for storing the clothes and towels we use in the bathroom.

Stylish small bathroom


Stylish small bathroom interior design

If the space is scarce, but we want to have more sections in the bathroom, we can achieve that by putting glass barriers or bathroom curtains. The choice of colors is unlimited. Even bright colors are not aesthetically challenging. Combining contrasting nuances is also appropriate. On the contrary, this kind of combination can make the room appear optically larger and create an illusion of wider space. The bathroom is a room, which does not correspond to the other rooms in terms of furnishing and its style needn’t be correlated to the rest of the household’s interior ideas. This gives the home masters’ the opportunity to give freedom to their imagination when drawing out the bathroom’s furnishing plan.

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