Bathroom ideas for 2012 from IKEA


IKEA modern bathroom designs 2012

Bathroom ideas for 2012 from IKEA. I guess IKEA has done their homework, because they are maybe the first one, who is ready with the interior design ideas for the whole home and all the rooms for the upcoming 2012. This trademark has already marked even the first new suggestions for you new bathroom look – stylish, fresh, convenient, and a little bit wicked – the contemporary ideas for the 2012 bathroom.

IKEA bathroom ideas 2012


IKEA bathroom ideas 2012

The main tendency, which is introduced in the new style of home bathroom arrangement ideas, is that the premise is divided into zones. These zones are functional, on one hand, and make the bathroom look more original, on the other hand. You can place different appliances and furniture in the two zones according to your own needs. On the picture designers are separating the bathroom into a bathroom for children and bathroom for adults – practical and an interesting idea, as well.

IKEA bathroom ideas 2012


Bahtroom interior design ideas

Another idea for separating the bathroom is to separate into two zones with sliding door or with a nice decorative arch – a zone where the sink and the WC are installed and a zone for the tub and the shower cabin. A zone for relaxing – mini spa resort for your personal cosmetic procedures or a Jacuzzi is even a better idea, just be careful and stress on the separation by dividing them with some accent and some impressive division.

IKEA bathroom ideas 2012


IKEA bathroom interior design and furniture ideas

As to the furniture in the new bathrooms of 2012, we can observe some very domestic elements in this premise, which is not actually made to be furnished in the ordinary way. Wooden cabinets and retro cupboards are placed in the corners. For decoration are used some plants and nice curtains that we usually see mostly in the dining room or the living room. Colors in the new bathrooms of 2012, and especially in these made special from IKEA, are light but we find more than three ones here – white, yellow, beige, brown, pink, purple and some seaside blue are playing a beautiful game with the natural materials that are used for the construction. We see elegant terracotta and wooden pieces of furniture.
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IKEA bathroom ideas 2012


IKEA bathroom 2012 trends





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