Stone and wood in the bathroom


Modern bathroom with wooden finishing

Natural materials are preferred in the interior of the modern home. The combination of wood and stone is common in rooms and hallways. The use of wood in the bathroom, however, avoided a long time because of concerns of property owners that it will not stand in a moist environment. Gradually reduce these fears and timber triumphantly returns to the laundry room in different versions.The most common wood used in the form of bathroom cabinets and wall coverings, which hang towels. More and more manufacturers require market bathtubs and sinks made of solid wood, which stubbornly their way among the users. Is almost non-traditional flooring parquet floors in the bathroom. Tree is usually in combination with marble, granite or other stone.

Wooden oval tub


Solid wooden oval tub

Sinks and tubs of array can be made in different sizes and shapes and a wide range of tree species. They are treated with protective coatings to preserve their natural beauty. To emphasize the effect of wood oval tub is usually mounted in the center of the room. So gaze fell on her, causing spirits and comfort.Wooden tub or sink can be combined with a natural stone countertop and two materials complement each other. Marble adds a successful tree and when such flooring. Another combination is impressive stone sink and bathtub with wooden top. Regardless of materials used in the bathroom, style can be achieved with beautiful accessories from natural materials.

Granite bathroom sinks


Granite bathroom sinks

The stone in the bathroom is a popular choice, especially the use of marble and granite. Most often these materials are consumed primarily as flooring or walls. Marble has not lost its relevance for centuries. It sinks are elegant and create the elegance of the room. With its durability and resistance to mechanical impacts granite is excellent material. When cleaning it, however, is necessary to avoid bleach, to prevent discoloration.

Solid wooden decorated tub


Bathroom with solid wooden decorated tub

Wood suggests radiation of heat. It acts as insulation, breathe and absorb moisture in the room. Evidence of resistance to hot water vapor and condensation is to equip the sauna. Proper use and choice of solid wood in the bathroom of the room ensures comfort and his long service. Its combination with stone creates a feeling of luxury and a taste for beauty.

Wooden bathroom furniture


White wooden bathroom furniture

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