Elegant purple bathroom design by Novello


Here’s a charming minimalist design idea for the contemporary bathroom created by Italian company Novello. Happy, as the project is called, shines in deep warm purple and a balanced contrasting dark grey and white surfaces. With its strong colors and bold shapes this purple bathroom design manages to express the joy of life through the language of elegant modern design.

Purple bathroom design with black feature wall


Happy’s overall image feels very rich though it actually represents the simplicity of Minimalism. The reasons for that are also the ones that make this design so interesting and fresh: its coloring and its shapes. Of course by ‘shapes’ we don’t mean the form of the bathroom space but the way that the furniture is shaped. There are three different types of geometric shapes in this purple bathroom design. The first and the most plain one is the quadrangle and the second one is the circle which immediately grabs the attention. The circular mirrors and purple shelves over the sinks, the round door handles of the drawers and the circles on the shaggy carpet – all these transform the space by adding variety to it.

Purple bathroom design with unusual sink form


The third shape in the purple bathroom design and the next thing that stands out is the even more striking form of the sinks. Including a right angle and a rounded side their irregular shape makes a connection to both the quadrangular and circular forms. They acts like uniting pieces of the other furniture but at the same time they look distinctive which makes them feel like one of the most important parts of the bathroom.

Small compact cabinets


To create a special atmosphere of joy and happiness Novello decided on a beautiful glossy purple color for the sinks and rounded pieces and a more classic white for the quadrangular ones. The toilet and bidet are also white in order to differentiate from the more extravagant sinks. A set of pure white and dark grey walls set the perfect contrasting background for the complete purple bathroom design.

by K.H.Hristova

Purple bathroom sink with storage


Purple sink and round mirrors in the bathroom



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