Lighting in the modern bathroom


Contemporary bathroom lights

The bathroom is one of the most important areas in modern home. Requirements for it are to provide convenience and comfort of residents. This is achieved not only equipped with modern furniture and accessories but also provide enough light. Lighting in the bathroom not only creates a mood, but also ensures safety in the room because the wet flooring poses a risk to humans. Properly placed lights achieve efficient design.

Modern bathroom lighting


Modern bathroom lighting

The number of lighting fixtures in the bathroom is dependent on natural light the room. If facing south, the property will receive more light than if the window glass “look” of the north. However, there are architectural designs of homes which do not provide a window in the bathroom. Then the premises of various wholly artificial light during all hours of the day.

Attic bathroom lighting


Attic bathroom lighting

It is in the bathroom to be scheduled at least two sources of light. One is usually light in the attic. It illuminates the entire room. Additional lights are placed around the mirror and sink. The requirement for light in this area is that it is directed so as to spare the eyes. This can be achieved by moving lamps are adjusted according to the growth of man.

LED lights


LED lights in bathroom interior

Lights in the bathroom to illuminate the surfaces and edges of the sink, bath, closet. These areas involve the risk of injury from wet floors. Correctly placed lighting highlights dangerous areas with the floor around them. Built in the bathroom lights are preferred as they hold less space and do not hinder movement.


Fluorescent bathroom lighting

Fluorescent lighting above the mirror is functional, but some owners prefer to install beautiful lights on both sides over the sink. Matter of personal preference is the choice of color and style of lighting. Usually it is in harmony with the overall furnishing of the property and in some cases repeated lighting of the hall. It is imperative that the lamps are designed for the bath to have proof.

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