Minimalist bathrooms in dark colors


Traditional bathrooms are white and clean, tidy and pure, neat and sterile. But traditional interior design no longer attracts us – right? A new wave of interior design ideas comes with extra ordinary tips that sometimes for some reason look a little bit awkward in the beginning but after realizing them we understand that different means contemporary and contemporary mean cozy – honestly – if you do not like what your eyes sees in front of you, you do not feel good, you cannot get your doze of relaxation in bathroom. Let me introduce you one really fresh idea for an interior design for any bathroom – in a flat, in an apartment or even in the rooms of the hotel you possess (Visitors will definitely like it!).

Minimalist black bathroom


Minimalist black bathroom

Dark minimalist bathroom is magic and mysterious – it is like the room is hiding some secrets, secrets of great mood and incredible harmony between body and spirit. Color scheme in the dark minimalist bathroom can be purple, blue, ebony or even black.We find here some simple sink and classic shower. Furniture is delicate or on the contrary – rough and robbed of any ornaments or decorations. The whole bathroom suffers from lack of decorations actually. Dark colors are extravagant enough to build some original and unique interior design.

Luxury minimalist bathroom


Luxury minimalist bathroom in black and gold

In dark minimalistic bathroom what is really important and substantial is lighting. Illuminations must be of a great quality – better eco friendly to save the planet some energy till you waste its water in your tub. Arrange floor lamps around the marble tub with encrusted figures. Install the electricity sets carefully or ask for some professional help – bathroom is a dangerous place for experiments with illuminations.

Minimalist bathroom design


Minimalist bathroom design in black and brown

You can also ask for a piece for advice of the shades you need to effect in your dark minimalist bathroom. If mess up the lightings your bathroom will become scary and terrible but not original or fascinating. For great results in finishing the interior design you can also install illuminations next to the shower and create an extra ordinary neon waterfall.

Minimalist black bathroom


Minimalist black bathroom

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