Bathroom in gold and diamonds


Exclusive gold bathroom interior design

Everyone wants to live in a castle but few people can really achieve that lifetime dream and reach the success that can ensure you a rich house and rich bathroom interior design. Although, there are also few moments in our life when we need to be affected and even a little bit spoilt. Luxury is not forbidden, luxury is even recommended for our daily routine – because only beauty can remind us that we all are special and we all deserve to live in a good place and be surrounded by nice things and nice atmosphere. Naturally, if you do not want to show off with the wealth which you can enable, just hide it. And where in a house or in an apartment you can actually hide your money-bags? The answer is somewhere in your private lifestyle, in a place that is private and that is made to bring happiness and joy mostly for you – because you are special, because you deserve it and because you need it as anybody else in the world – as the richest person in the world and as the poor person who lives next door.

Gold bathroom interior


Gold bathroom design with mosaic

Furnish your bathroom in a luxurious untraditional design, so any time you take a bath you will feel like a star or like a queen or king in the castle where you rule.

Gold bathroom design


Elegant gold bathroom design

Golden bath is covered with golden pavement from finest terracotta. The elegant view from everywhere is reflected down your knees and reminds you all the time and any minute how well you can actually feel in your flat you possess.

Bathroom with diamonds


White bathroom tiles with diamonds

Walls of the bathroom are gold, too, but they have diamonds ornaments – not real ones, of course, but shining enough to result the main idea of the royal interior design for a bathroom in a neat home. Sink and cupboards in the bathroom make a wonderful combination with their brilliant colors.

Classic bathtub with diamonds


Classic bathtub design with diamonds

The shades in the bathroom are playing with each other and their lightness can make a person who does not prefer luxury blind. But this is not you – you are special and you need those silky curtains that cost more than the TV set in your living room to cover your shower cabin. Bathroom in gold and diamonds are cool enough to make feel rich everyone – try it, too.

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