Architectural and interior bathroom ideas


Modern bathroom interior design

The relatively narrow space in the bathroom may hinder the plans for its interior design. The problems often stem from the lack of initial interior plan formation. This should not hold our initiatives back, as the bathroom is particularly important as a place, where we should feel most comfortable. Only that way can we fully take advantage of our time for solitude.
The walls are usually the first element we begin with, since they affect the general appearance of the room. Tiles are the most popular walls coverings, ranging from different varieties – the choice of colours and decorative images is astounding. In case you prefer to paint your walls, the crayon tones are suitable, as they will make the room appear taller.

Bathroom wallpaper


Contemporary bathroom with floral wallpaper

If you like the decorative style of approach, you can use relief forms for thebathroom walls. The nature themed contours, especially the flower ones, are most often used. Wall-papers are an alternative, but there are some downsides to them. The initial problem is moisture, which can damage them and force you to change them often. They are also the most expensive option.


Bathroom with modern lighting and large mirror

Special attention must be paid to the bathroom lighting. It is important that the place be well lit, so as a relaxing atmosphere be created. For this purpose, yellow light is most commonly used. For better convenience, separate light should be placed for the mirror, preferably in such a way, that it be evenly spread on its entire surface. The white light is most suitable for a mirror in terms of vision.

Bathroom tiles


Luxury master bathroom with tube and large tiles

In case you have a bigger bathroom, you may use altering light. The modern technologies give the opportunity to regulate the light. You can also use side lamps for the mirror. To make the lighting more evenly spread, you may place more than one mirror, or to take advantage of the tiles’ shiny surface, if you’ve chosen such tiles.

Bathroom shelves


Modern bathroom with vanity and shelves

The opportunity for an aesthetic touch to the bathroom should not be passed by. For this purpose you merely have to use your personal approach to achieve the desired effect. The choice for decorative elements is wide. The details capture the eye – like the design of the closet for personal possessions, the presence of shelves or a picture on the walls and, of course, the mirror itself, which reflects everything.

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