Wet room design ideas – the pros and cons of having a wet room

modern wet room design ideas rainshower minimalist bathroom ideas

How a wet room is different to a bathroom? Sounds like a logical question. By definition a wet room is a bathroom in which the shower area is not separated and the water is drained through a drainage on the floor. The drainage may be located in the center of the bathroom or in proximity with the shower. We shall show you examples of wet room design ideas which are modern, functional and especially good looking.


Wet room design ideas – Pros and cons of having a wet room

wet room design ideas mosaic tiles bathroom decoration ideas

Wet rooms are the perfect solution for limited spaces. This, of course, does not mean, that it has to be dull and boring. Limited space may be challenging but you will see some fantastic wet room design ideas in the gallery below. An advantage is the fact that a wet room is much easier to clean as there are no screens or partition walls. With proper ventilation and floor and wall treatment, the room will be an asset to the home and will definitely add value to the property.


wet room ideas floor wall tiles wall mounted shower head

On the downside one may point out the fact that towels and bathroom accessories will require some special attention when storing, so that they do not get soaked. It is advisable that wet rooms are tiled from floor to ceiling and this may be costly.


Wet room design ideas – functionality and modern interiors

wet room design ideas small bathroom shower area bathtub

A good design means a good bathroom. On the planning stage of your wet room you need to make sure that all the fittings and furniture pieces will be functional and on their right place. Although wet rooms are mostly designed in small areas, there are quite many wet room design ideas in large spaces as many people prefer a more open space. Usually a wet room lacks a bathtub which leaves more free space.

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Modern designs are focused on the visual appeal and convenience, as well as efficiency. Wall and floor tiles in brighter colors enlarge a small wet room visually. Shower heads can be fixed to the wall or the ceiling and the toilet and bathroom sink can be placed away from the shower area to minimize exposure to the spray of water.


Wet room design ideas original penny tiles mosaic pattern

Shabby chic wet room design

wet room design ideas open shower area bathtub

Vibrant green wall tiles

wet room design ideas modern bathroom bright green mosaic tiles

Minimalist wet room design

wet room design ideas minimalist bathroom metal bathtub wall mounted shower

Beautiful decoration of the wet room

awesome wet room design ideas blue mosaic tiles

Chic wet room with a bathtub

modern wet room design ideas freestanding bathtub rainshower

small bathroom design ideas wet room wall mounted shower

modern wet room design ideas neutral color floor wall tiles glass partition

modern bathroom wet room design ideas bathrub wooden stool

elegant wet room design ideas wall mounted shower sink mirror

contemporary bathroom with wet room elegant interior design

black and white bathroom subway tile wet room ideas

modern wet room design ideas small bathroom ideas

bathroom design wet room pros cons elegant bathroom beige brown colors

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