Steam Showers: Upgraded Bathroom – Upgraded Life

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Fall again has slowly come into our city. It is the time of hot tea, light movies and yellow mood. Just the time to change something in your life. I have been thinking for a long time what I can easily change in my life in order to pass through the chilly season in high spirits, vacant mood, strong health and positive thoughts. I do have the receipt! I will crucially upgrade my life, and I will start from my bathroom.

Really, I am not joking. This is a sophisticated plan. I will explain it now. First of all I need something totally stunning and modern, something I have never had before. I stopped my choice on steam showers. That is not a cheap thing, but it is surely worth its price. Especially if to take into account all the additional advantages and features that a steam shower obtains.


Choosing such sanitaryware appliance is a hard job, I should say. Of course my perfect helper in this situation was Westside Wholesale. I always apply to this on-line household store to find fresh ideas and modern solutions for my home. Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of steam showers and other bathroom equipment, but I needed something special, something which will bring my home to the new value level and make me happy. That should be a serious purchase.

I looked through a lot of steam showers. There are several main rules one should follow to get a good quality steam shower cabin. First of all the material it is made of. I know for sure that the tray can be made either from ABS or from acrylic sheets. Second variant is more expensive, but esthetically it looks much better. Acrylic is snow white and will never get those ugly yellowish spots as ABS may have. Besides acrylic is more strong and stable material. Still it is easier to be cracked and have an unpleasant spider net on its surface.


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If to talk about enclosures, they should be made of thick tempered glass. Plastic enclosures will never look as clear as glass ones, though it is a true torment to wash them properly. Then come wheels. Better to use metal double wheels that allow a pleasant and easy sliding of doors without sticking and creak.

Shape also plays role. I actually think that a deep tray is much better than a low one. If you buy a steam shower with high tray, you buy both a good quality steam cabin and a perfect massage bathtub. Round tray occupies more space, but it is more comfortable in use and roomy inside.

And of course functionality. I was in search of something mega fantastic. The full range of additional functions that a steam cabin can offer are the following: steam shower of course, computer panel with TV, DVD and Radio, back lite and bottom underwater light, top rain shower with multicolored chromotherapy, whirlpool and body massage jets, aromatherapy, foot massage and many other little pleasant things.

I purchased Ariel Bath Platinum Steam Shower & Sauna – 59″ x 59″ with Whirlpool Tub for 2 Persons. Yes, for 2 persons, and that is my main secret. What can be more romantic than taking a hot steam shower, enjoying hydro massage, listening to music, being absorbed into soft deem lights of your steam shower cabin together with a hot beautiful lady. To my mind, that is the perfect life upgrade of fall season.



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