Glittering and Luxurious Mosaic Tiles Transform Modern Interiors

Featuring the Flower Power and Bathtub range by the SICIS ‘Art factory



Glittering and jewel like, the Sicis Art Factory’s special field is the ancient art of mosaic production.  The originality of this company’s product is undeniable.  It produces a glorious array of luxurious mosaic tiles that are intended to transform interiors into awe inspiring and mysterious places.  The Sicis website describes a wide range of applications for its tiles. These extend from domestic interiors, glorious swimming pools and breathtaking grand public interiors from around the globe.

Luxurious Mosaic Tiles form magical flowers


As an example of the originality and scope of this product and selected from the exciting and vast range of projects that ‘The Art Factory’ caters for, the focus here is on how the fabulous sparkling tessarae can transform an everyday room into something majestic and palatial.

Magical Bathrooms Transformed Using Luxurious Mosaic Tiles


Clearly intended to make a theatrical impact, these fabulous glass tiles are from the SICIS ‘Art factor’sFlower Power’ range.  Seen here in a super opulent and highly original setting, the typical ‘Art Factory’ trade mark style is encapsulated into a single room statement.  Here the walls are adorned with luxurious mosaic tiles arranged in a dramatic swirling floral pattern.  Each design transforms walls into works of art in their originality and stunning visual impact.  The colors are as rich and sumptuous as the outstanding designs. These luxurious mosaic tile creations will completely envelope you in a sense of beauty and ‘other worldliness’.  To personalize your design scheme, select your favorite flowers as the central theme to your fabulous new ‘Flower Power’ interior.  Single walls may be beautifully highlighted if a whole room setting is too much for your taste or the style of your bathroom.

Luxurious Mosaic Tiles make an Original Feature of your Bathtub


The SICIS ‘Art Factory’s range of sensational bath tubs is like no other.  The basic bath forms are unusual enough, ranging from positively quirky to simply elegant but once adorned with the luxurious mosaic tile treatment they become objects of intense beauty.

Luxury bath tub


The styles draw on a range of historic and cultural influences and are particularly suited to showing off the glass mosaics to their best advantage.  An ornate bathtub selected from the inspirational collection could be used in conjunction with the flower power wall designs or would work equally well in a plainer decorative scheme.  Imagine a glittering customized ‘Denver ‘style bath resplendent in a simple white minimalist bathroom.  Absolutely gorgeous!

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