Italian bathroom furniture by Devon&Devon

Stylish and Chic – Italian bathroom furniture by Devon&Devon

Italian bathroom furniture Devon&Devon


Devon&Devon is the best example of exquisite Italian bathroom furniture. The company has a unique style and innovativeness that cannot be seen anywhere else. The nice clean finish lines and gorgeous incomparable elegance are only few of the great aspects of Devon&Devon bathroom interior. Due to the fact that today the clientele is very demanding the company’s tireless effort and energy are all put into creating the ideal perfectionistic modern bathroom furniture.

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Why is Devon&Devon bathroom furniture so unique? Well, first of all, the company always draws inspiration from the classic interior design solutions and natural forms. Using the different traditional and cultural elements, the company has designed a magical diversity of different products, which allowed it to distribute outside of Italy and satisfy many clients abroad. At a one point Devon&Devon decided to have specialized external, experienced producers who can match the high-expectations of quality. With their impeccability and years of experience, Devon&Devon’s products have rich aesthetics and amazing authentic, unique style and vividness.

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Devon&Devon was established in 1945 by Giulio Tanini. During the rapid economic growth in the 1960s the company specialized in distribution and marketing everything for the bathroom which included – the flooring, the fittings and the fixtures. By the next generation grown within the company’s family, new talents had developed and began specializing in interior decoration, which led to the birth of Devon&Devon in 1989. Ever since then the company has been creating astonishing, elegant, eye-catching designs. In 2011, the company brought up a new logo which included only two simple “D”s, it is very appropriate for the clean elegant design era, which the company also influenced. The products’ beauty, functionality and rationalism of space put Devon&Devon on the top of bathroom furniture design. The company’s collections have been exhibited not only nationally but also internationally. Devon&Devon is aesthetics, comfort, flexibility and beauty all at once.

Interiors and Bathroom furniture by Devon & Devov

Exquisite Italian bathroom furniture

Luxury Italian bathroom furniture Devon&Devon

Stylish italian bathroom furniture

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