30 small bathroom designs – functional and creative ideas

Small space bathroom ideas mosaic tiles

How you can design and decorate your small bathroom and create a feeling of spaciousness and comfort at the same time? Are there suitable walk in shower designs for small bathrooms? We offer you 30 clever small shower ideas for practical small bathroom designs.

 Small bathroom design – Tips and tricks

small space bathroom ideas natural stone partition wooden cupboard

The space in the bathroom is often very limited and that is the main reason why small bathroom designs are sometimes challenging. It is important what kind of bathroom furniture and accessories you select. Sometimes a shower is a better option than a bathtub. Glass partition is a good design solution, because they do not reduce the available space. If the bathroom is relatively small, it is essential to accommodate the bathroom utensils and ensure greater hygiene.

 Small bathroom design – how to use the space efficiently

small bathroom ideas black tile floor glass partition corner bath tub

In a small bathroom design you have to be careful with the decoration. However, there is always enough space for decoration. Large wall mirrors make the room appear bigger and bigger. Eclectic style blends are a good design solution in the bathroom – combine bold vintage and shabby chic elements with modern decor objects. Decorative tiles are perfect solution for a small bathroom – they create a wonderful atmosphere and a modern feel, without requiring additional space. Ceramic tiles with patterns can be arranged in imaginative pictures. Bathroom accessories with an exclusive design are a decoration by themselves – sink, vanity, soap dish, towel rack, faucets.


small bathroom ideas dark gray tiles mirror

 The mirror is the focal point in the decoration

marble floor glass shower enclosure light blue mosaic tiles

 Bold red in a small bathroom

small bathroom design ideas red tiles shower cabin

The tile pattern is used as wall decoration


 Small bathroom with a double sink

Small long narrow bathroom double vanity storage cabinets

 Modern washbasin fits with rustic style

small bathroom design rustic style round mirror modern wash basin

 Color accents add character in the bathroom

small bathroom design red wall toilet stylish wash basin

 Small vanity accommodates tow sinks

small bathroom design wooden vanity white wash basin

 Warm wood colors in a modern bathroom

Small bathroom design ideas wooden cabinets

The decorative elements add splashes of color in a white bathroom

small bathroom interior design sink white curtain

 A walk-in shower in a small bathroom

small bathroom ideas white sink faucets

Planning a small bathroom can be a challenge

Small bathroom ideas walk in shower sink toilet

Small bathroom design with a tub

Small bathroom design ideas bath tub toilet storage space

A corner bath in a small bathroom

elegant small bathroom corner bath tub decorative tiles

A decorative wall in a small bathroom

modern small bathroom design idea ceramic tiles

small bathroom interior light beige tiles bath tub

Small bathroom ideas long narrow bathroom freestanding tub

small bathroom green cabinet

small bathroom design ideas white vanity walk in shower

Small bathroom design ideas vanity walk in shower

very small bathroom decorative black wall white sink toilet

Small bathroom design ideas pale green tiles chandelier

small bathroom design bath tub wash basin

modern small bathroom natural stone sink decorative statues

contemporary small bathroom interior bathtub natural light

awesome small bathroom design original sink

bathroom design in grey open shelves storage idea


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