20 Luxury bathtubs – the most amazing bathtub designs

luxury bathtubs swarovski crystals clawfoot tub

What could be more relaxing than a hot bath after a hard day? The pleasure of a peaceful time can just be doubled if you had the chance to enjoy time in one of the most amazing bathtubs. We have collected 20 luxury bathtubs in which everyone would love to take a dip.

Luxury bathtubs – an experience beyond pleasure

luxury bathtubs design ideas woman shoe luxury bathroom interior design

Noone will argue that the bathroom is one of the greatest and most pleasing inventions! A bathroom designed with taste and sophistication can offer much more pleasure. Luxury bathtubs are not only an expensive piece of bathroom furniture. They can change the whole look of the room. Luxury bathtubs can be the crown jewel in the design, the centerpiece of the room and the focal point of the interior. What many people do not understand is that the size is not the most important. It is the material, the style, the originality and attention to detail that are all the differences between and expensive bathtub and a luxury bathtub.


Luxury bathtubs which are masterpieces of design

stunning bathrooms crystal bathtub luxury bathroom interiors

In the gallery below you will see magnificent luxury bathtubs which feature impressive creativity and originality. Some of the bathtubs took many hours of manual labor, others are crafted from rare materials. The common feature which unites all the designs is the elegant sophistication. Whether with modern shapes or traditional clawfoot tubs, these tubs are pieces of art and a precious element in the interior of a luxurious bathroom.

 The amazing bathsphere

stunning luxury bathtubs bathsphere ultra modern luxury bathroom ideas

  Amethyst clawfoot bathtub

most luxurious expensive bathtubs purple amethyst bathtub

  Malachite clawfoot tub

most expensive luxury bathtubs turqoise malachite clawfoot tub

 Infinity edge glass tub

modern glass bathtub contemporary bathroom furniture design

 Handmade red wood bathtub

luxury bathtubs design ideas red wood bathtub round shape natural materials

 Handmade copper bathtub

luxury bathtubs handmade copper tub Kallista Archeo

luxury bathtubs wood bathtub elegant oval shape

Luxurious bathtubs crystal bathtub lighting

luxury bathtubs design ideas woman shoe luxury bathroom interior design

luxury soaking tub copper contemporary bathroom furniture

luxurious bathtubs design ideas rustic bathroom interior design

luxury bathtubs design boat sculpture

luxurious bathtubs contemporary bathtubs ideas luxury bathroom furniture

luxury bathtubs beautiful freestanding bathtubs clawfoor tub

hanging hammock bathtub carbon fiber modern design

gemstone bathtub Le Grand Queen most expensive bathtubs

luxurious bathtubs design ideas woman shoe luxury bathroom interior design

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