Trendy custom bathrooms with fireplaces for a romantic atmosphere

glamorous custom bathroom design chandelier fireplace

It is true that you can have a custom bathroom or customized furniture for the bathroom or a unique decoration created especially for you.

awsome custom bathrooms with firepalce buil in fireplace modern bathroom

We shall turn your attention to some spectacular custom bathrooms with fireplaces which exude and atmosphere of luxury, relax and romantic intimacy.

 Custom bathrooms with fireplaces

unique custom bathrooms with fireplace rustic style stone fireplace candles

Fire is a symbol of warmth, wealth and nothing creates a better atmosphere than the flames of the open fire.

unique custom bathrooms with fireplace round Jacuzzi home spa luxury bathrooms

Custom bathrooms with fireplaces offer charming a blend of tradition, creativity and progress.

contemporary bathroom design fireplace walk in shower

Water and fire are the two elements that accompany the daily lives of people for centuries.

unique custom bathrooms contemporary bathroom minimalist style built in fireplace

The bathroom design is becoming more and more important and many people appreciate the fact that this is not only a place with a functional purpose but a place which is important for our good physical and mental health. Having a large or a small soaking tub is almost a must.

bathroom fireplace custom bathrooms unique bathroom designs

The atmosphere of the bathroom should be inviting, harmonious and welcoming, giving a rest of mind and time for a complete relax.

Custom bathrooms with fireplaces – how to choose the right fireplace?

unique custom bathrooms bathroom fireplaces contemporary bathroom

Today the choice of fireplaces is huge. Given the characteristics of the room and the fireplace location you can choose a traditional fireplace wood burning model or a modern gas, electric or bio fireplaces.

unique custom bathroom design ideas bathroom fireplace ideas

Non-wood burning fireplaces exclude the presence of smoke or odor, so preferable to select.

custom bathrooms ideas rustic flair fireplace copper bathtub

Custom bathrooms with fireplaces can be designed in modern style or have classic and even rustic charm.

minimalist bathroom with modern fireplace modern bathroom ideas

Contemporary custom bathrooms feature minimalist fireplace designs and are focused on simplicity and modern aesthetics.

luxury bathroom with fireplace custom bathrooms ideas freestanding tub

Naturally, when the bathroom is larger than the standard size, you can conveniently install a larger fireplace and a cozy seating area beside it.

custom bathrooms ideas contemporary bathroom walk in shower fireplace

Unique models can be easily integrated into a small size room as the market offers a wide variety of compact designs.

custom bathroom design with tub and fireplace stone walls rustic flair

Whatever you choose, one thing is sure- you will have a unique custom bathroom design with a romantic atmosphere and a touch of sophisticated luxury.


luxury bathroom with fireplace modern custom bathroom ideas

custom bathroom ideas built in fireplace elegant bathroom

custom bathroom designs modern bathroom with fireplace round bathtub

bathroom with fireplace designs corner bathtub wall fireplace

Bathroom fireplace ideas custom bathrooms ideas stone wall oval bathtub



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