Luxury master bathroom ideas – dream bathroom designs in modern homes

luxury master bathroom interior design large bathtub modern floating vanity

The bathroom is a special place and we all have the idea of what our dream bathroom would look like. We have collected some fantastic master bathroom ideas which have it all – a modern design to reflect the contemporary lifestyle, beautiful interiors which invite you to relax and rest in style.

 Master bathroom ideas in modern homes

unique master bathroom ideas mosaic tiles wood flooring

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. If you are lucky to have a large bathroom, you have to make the most of it and create a beautiful and functional bathroom which looks like a magazine cover! We have chosen examples of master bathroom ideas in modern style which can be helpful in the process of designing your dream bathroom. Many master bathrooms continue the design of the apartment or the house. This is quite logical as the ensuite bathroom is an extension to the bedroom and the interior needs to be in harmony with the rest of the home. Contemporary designs are often influenced by minimalist style and the bathroom furniture features simple lines, rectangular shapes and polished surfaces. Wall tiles are in darker colors like black, gray or chocolate brown. Natural materials like wood and stone also have their place in a contemporary bathroom design and are combined with neutral color shades which bring a more natural feel and a spa atmosphere to the bathroom.

 Master bathroom ideas – lighting and decoration

modern master bathroom ideas black bathtub walk in shower

When designing your master bathroom you need to plan all the elements and details as this is your place to relax and it is worth to put some efforts to create and inspirational and stylish interior. Lighting is essential for the bathroom. You could have a window and a lot of natural light or a carefully design modern lighting which combines several types of lights – LED lighting, recessed lighting, pointed lighting, etc, and there are many bathroom ceiling ideas which can help you with the lighting design. The decoration of the bathroom is not something to overlook. The details are always important. Plants, flowers, wood accents, a stone wall, scent candles – any of these will add to the character of your bathroom. Enjoy the gallery below and these stunning master bathroom ideas.


wellness spa master bathroom freestanding tub wood floor modern pendant lamps

 Minimalist master bathroom design

minimalist bathroom design in ground pool recessed lighting modular cabinets

A home spa interior

unique master bathrooms luxury furniture bathroom accessories bathroom lighting

 A fireplace in the master bathroom

luxury master bathroom ideas fireplace bathtub partition wall

 Beautiful wall panels in a modern bathroom

luxury master bathroom ideas cherry wood wall panels white furniture

A stone wall as an accent in a modern interior

luxury master bathroom natural stone wall freestanding tub modern sink

Contemporary bathroom in trendy colors

contemporary bathroom master bathroom ideas minimalist bathroom

unique master bathroom designs contemporary bathroom ideas luxury bathroom

stylish bathroom modular wall shelves wood floor freestanding tub

modern master bathroom ideas sandstone countertop freestanding tub

modern master bathroom ideas doorless shower unique vanity cabinet

master bathroom ideas marble sink natural wood walls walk in shower

luxury master bathroom modern design bathroom lighting ideas

luxury master bathroom ideas glossy tiles glass partition walls fireplace

master bathroom ideas ensuite bathroom ideas double bathtub

luxury master bathroom curtains gold taps modern bathtub

luxury master bathroom ideas ensuite bathrooms design ideas bathroom lighting


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