Rustic bathroom ideas – inspiring bathroom design and decor tips

rustic bathroom ideas copper bathtub stone walls rustic decor ideas

Rustic bathroom ideas can be seen in different designs and we will show you how to decorate your bathroom in rustic style to reveal the whole beauty of the materials, how to use the right accessories to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your interior.

rustic bathroom ideas wooden sink counter shiplap framed wall mirror

Nowadays, with the modern lifestyle, new materials and design opportunities, many people prefer high-tech, minimalist or contemporary interiors and yet, the rustic simplicity, naturalness and tenderness have their loyal fans. It is important to realize that rustic style does not necessarily mean “wild west”. You will find elements of rustic style in the Mediterranean or Tuscan decors, as well as in Industrial, Shabby chic, traditional and even minimalist style. The return of the rustic style in modern homes can be easily explained with its unique character, the use of natural materials and experiencing a soothing and relaxing time, which relieves the daily stress from the city bustle.

rustic bathroom ideas wall mirror sink rustic decor

A bathroom in rustic style will be an excellent design solution and there is no need to worry if the interior of the whole house is designed in a different style. You can take some of the most important elements of rustic bathroom ideas and use them in your home. Rustic style is so versatile that it can be recreated in a large or small bathroom.


Rustic bathroom ideas – what is the philosophy of rustic style


rustic bathroom ideas stone wall vintage bathtub

When you want to design a bathroom in rustic style you need to know and follow some basic principles and rules which will help you create a stylish and harmonious interior. One of the main characteristics of rustic bathroom ideas is the use of natural materials – wood, stone, bricks, iron, copper, ceramic. Plastics, acrylics and flashy elements are not recommended and should be avoided. The style underlines the simplicity of life and the existence away from technology. Modern bathrooms decorated in rustic style can be very elegant with a touch of the best qualities of antique furniture and finishes. You do not need to use your Grandmother’s doilies all over. The goal is to create a feeling of warmth and comfort. The colors of nature emphasize the simplicity of style.


Rustic bathroom ideas – what are the basic principles and elements of rustic style


gorgeous rustic bathroom ideas vanity unit stone wall bathroom decor


We shall take a close look at the main elements in rustic bathroom ideas – the design of walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, accessories, lighting, bathroom color palette, etc., as all these should be combined to work together in harmony. It is not difficult to create a rustic bathroom decor, you just need to focus on using natural stone and wood, wooden beams, rough wood furniture and textures.


Rustic bathroom ideas – bathroom color schemes


fantastic rustic bathroom ideas copper soaking tub vanity cabinets exposed ceiling beams

You shall notice that the most beautiful rustic bathroom ideas follow the neutral color palette and the color scheme features earthy and natural shades and hues. Combining the colors wisely and carefully with each other will create the relaxed and soothing feeling in the bathroom. The colors that are most suitable for the rustic bathroom are beige, white, sandy shades, the brown tones of wood, gray-ish of natural stone, sometimes coffee or chocolate brown accents. Green color palette is also a good choice, as well as the warm hues of terracotta.


Rustic bathroom decor ideas, furniture and accessories


rustic bathroom furniture ideas wooden sink counter bathroom decor

Rustic bathroom design, based in natural materials, has to take advantage of natural wood, stone, copper. The choice of finishing materials creates the unique character and rustic atmosphere. Tiles, solid wood or stone are the best options for the flooring. The walls can be finished in these materials or plastered and then painted in white or in a neutral, earthy color. Add wood planks as accents for texture and depth but avoid glossy surfaces. The rough surface adds much more character to the rustic interiors. The ceiling can be covered with wooden boards and if you have ceiling beams, leave them exposed as the beauty of wood can hardly be imitated. If the bathroom has a window, cotton or linen textile curtains are a good choice.


Rustic bathroom furniture ideas for an authentic look


rustic bathroom ideas copper bathtub stone fireplace flagstone floor

When choosing furniture for your rustic bathroom, vintage items like vanity cabinets would complement the style. If you cannot find any authentic furniture, there are many options for artificially aged pieces with a slightly shabby look which will give you the vintage appearance. A copper bathtub or a clawfoot tub will be a beautiful asset. If the plumbing is exposed, keep to copper pipes as it has a soft shine and works beautifully with the color palettes of rustic interiors.

rustic bathroom decorating ideas original vessel sink wooden vanity cabinet

The accessories are the little finishing touches that matter and you need to pay a special attention to them. Keep ways from glossy and glamorous accessories and stick to simple decoration. A wooden frame for the mirror, woven baskets, open shelves made of wood and accessorized with beautiful vintage finds, soft embroidered towels, a wooden stool or a bench, a tin bucket, stones with original and unusual shapes – all these, on the first glance insignificant details, will give a true rustic character to the bathroom.

rustic bathroom ideas stone wall wood floor ceiling stool sheer curtains

Last but not least we shall look at rustic bathroom lighting. Choose light fixtures which will complement the overall design – wrought iron lighting fixtures, lanterns, industrial style pendant lights or an antler chandelier – all these options will add to the style without stealing the attention. It is better to choose several small lamps – wall sconces, mirror lights and ceiling lights. Adding recessed lights is also an option as they can be used to accent on a certain element and enhance the focal point of the interior design.

amazing rustic bathroom ideas stone wall natural stone decor ideas

Remember that each design in a rustic style has to create a history. The key to a harmonious interior is balance of colors, materials and finishes. Keep it simple, natural and functional and you will have a beautiful bathroom to relax connected to Nature in a most delicate way.


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