An outdoor shower with artistic sculptural shape by Myyour

modern outdoor shower design Dyno by Myyour

The modern outdoor shower plays a special role and contributes to the optimal summer fun for young and old. Practical and functional, with modern form, the outdoor showers can provide refreshment during the hot summer days. Designed by Moredesign Myyour, Dyno is an elegant and contemporary outdoor shower made ??of reinforced polyethylene.

 An outdoor shower design using innovative technology

dyno outdoor shower modern design artistic shape

This outdoor shower is featuring an innovative approach at design and looks more like a statue than a common shower. Impeccable in its statuary and stylized harmony it has a new system for heating water, which eliminates the risk of bacterial growth. It is unusual, elegant and most important – versatile! Manifactured from colored polyethylene, Dyno shower is resistant to water and UV rays. The head is all chrome plated brass with anti-scale silicone nozzles. The showerhead is equipped with a system for saving water to 50% and a stainless steel timer to adjust the duration of the jet. The timer gives the opportunity to avoid wasting water because after a certain time the water stops off alone. The steel base is fixed to the ground with an anchor kit and a connection system connects the Dyno shower hose to the conventional watering system.

Dyno outdoor shower – modern design and vibrant colors

Dyno outdoor shower will be perfect indoors as well
The “Gentle giant” is not only with impeccable design. It is environment friendly as it saves water and energy. The outdoor shower is available with mixer or with a full solar heating. Dyno is a perfect choice for any outdoor space as it is offered in a variety of colors – white, ivory, green, beige, red, orange, purple, black, silver or gold. The dimensions of Dyno Shower are: depth 86, width 38, height 229 cm. Paw (tray): depth 117, width 118, height 5 cm. And, honestly, don’t you think it will be perfect for indoors too?

elegant shape outdoor shower innovative technology

The showerhead is designed with silicone nozzles


A push-button shower

bathroom furniture dyno by Myyour modern outdoor shower

Dyno will look perfectly indoors too

Dyno outdoor shower chrome plated brass

Available in a variety of colors

modern outdoor shower design vibrant colors


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