85 Bathroom design ideas – Pictures of stunning modern dream bathrooms

luxury bathroom neo Baroque style pink dresser curtains gold decorated wall mirror

The bathroom, whether small or large, should be a place to relax. And for its design you need a brilliant idea. Clear forms, fine materials and a comforting color palette characterize these 85 stunning modern bathroom design ideas that we have put together in a large collection.

 Bathroom design ideas with elements of Nature

bathroom design ideas modern bathtub mosaic tiles natural stone

Bathroom design ideas, inspired by nature, are becoming more and more popular as they create a sense of comfort and peacefulness between our own four walls. Solid wood, natural stone, gravel and plants, all of which are associated with nature and find their place in the contemporary dream bathrooms. Nature inspired bathroom interiors are a most desired retreat after a long day. They have a simple and striking look and incredible atmosphere of tranquility. The color palette features the soft neutral colors of stone, wood, and metal. With the right lighting and accessories such a bathroom becomes a private spa with an ambience of a luxurious five-star hotel. Skylights that let in the sun’s rays into the bathroom, and large windows that overlook the city or a forest landscape, are also often seen in this gallery.

Bathroom design ideas which add texture and style to the space

luxury bathroom white gold chandelier bathtub shelves dresser

With tiles you can emphasize a particular area or create beautiful wall decorations.  You will find a wide selection of colors and textures in the market, so the decision could be difficult. The bathroom furniture and lighting are still an essential element which adds to the overall atmosphere of comfort. Bathroom lighting is essential in the design. Besides the practical function, the proper lighting can set the mood and the atmosphere in the bathroom and add to the pleasure of your experience. Use it to highlight different areas in the bathroom, for example – the bathtub area or the vanity cabinet. Check out these stunning bathroom design ideas and get inspired for your dream bathroom planning.

luxury bathroom design ideas marble tiles and gold gloss lighting

Ambient lighting and tiles with interesting pattern


 Small bathrooms can be designed in a spectacular modern way

small narrow bathroom interior design wooden planks rustic ambience

 Maximum use of natural light

modern spacious bathroom white bathroom furniture bathtub large windows

 Bathroom decoration adds individuality to the room

bathroom design ideas modern washbasin solid wood A Wurster Revival

Natural elements and calming color palette help for the relax


A small stylish bathroom design

small bathroom design white bathroom furniture Casa G

Lighting is an essential element of the bathroom design

small bathroom ideas glass wall wooden bathroom furniture natural light

 Elegant modern bathroom

small bathroom design idea mosaic tiles floor red accents white sinks

Nature in the bathroom

wellness bathroom stone wall tub plants glass ceiling

Minimalist chic in black and white

minimalist bathroom black white glass walk in shower

small bathroom design ideas wooden vanity bathtub black wall tiles

luxury bathroom desin ideas neo baroque furniture white wall tiles lighting

small modern bathroom design ideas mosaic tiles brown cream modern head shower

bathroom ideas pictures modern bathtub marble floor tiles glass doors shower

small bathroom interior design ideas concrete wall wooden basin shelf

small bathroom design city apartment window tub built in Tv

Small apartment bathroom design round sink black white wooden shelf

rustic style bathroom concrete sink large mirror

rustic bathroom design metal bathtub mirror floor tiles  rustic bathroom design tiles metal effects wooden shelf House in Vila Boim

small bathroom design white gray brick wall glass

outdoor bathroom wooden cladding external shower Constance Lemuria Seychelles

bathroom ideas pictures modern design bath walk in shower white brown

modern bathtub black grid wall outdoor use Centennial Tree House

modern bathroom white wall tiles vanity cabinet wooden fronts Maylands

modern bathroom white walls light color wooden bathroom furniture bathtub

bathroom ideas tropical ambience oval bathtub solid wood vanity

modern bathroom tiles shower area glass wall

modern bathroom design ideas wooden cladding bathtub shelves pebbles House

contemporary bathroom sink wooden countertop black wal tiles

modern bathroom interior design black and white minimalist style

modern bathroom ideas walk in shower bathtub wooden floor

modern bathroom idea small sink built in shelf lighting cabinetry

bathroom ideas pictures modern furniture white wall mirror

modern bathroom furniture white gray walls decoration plants photo

contemporary bathroom design walk in shower gray tiles wooden vanity unit

bathroom design ideas wellness ambience stones decoration skylights

modern bathroom design ideas storage space wooden cabinets

bathroom design ideas gray marble tiles shower area wooden wall

modern bathroom design ideas big oval tub modern vanity

minimalist bathroom design wooden floor oval bathtub vanity

luxury bathroom design ideas white marble modern bathroom furniture

luxury bathroom design ideas marble white chandelier curtain walk in shower

luxury bathroom design ideas round shower cream bathroom furniture

luxury bathroom baroque cabinet towel rail radiators

large bathroom marble tiles double vanity black top walk in shower tub

contemporary bathroom design wooden frame vanity oval bathtub

black white bedroom bathrom open plan terrace

big bathroom design walk in shower glass wall bathtub mirror lighting

bedroom bathroom open design bathtub wooden wall room divider

bathtub wooden vanity unit gray floor tiles wallpaper pattern

bathroom white gray wallpaper pattern oval bathtub The Empire

bathroom white furniture wooden wall

bathroom walk in shower glass wall mosaic wall tiles blue sink vanity

bathroom outdoor use pebbles concrete walls glass ceiling column

bathroom modern furnishings wooden bathroom furniture mosaic shower area

bathroom ideas wellness ambience square bathtub window

bathroom ideas red yellow mosaic tiles bathtub

bathroom ideas pictures modern walk in shower glass walls white marble

bathroom ideas pictures modern tiles wood red countertop mirror

bathroom ideas pictures modern tiles red marble glass shower white furniture

small bathroom ideas shower area black mosaic tiles

bathroom ideas pictures modern furniture wood washbasin red mosaic tiles

bathroom ideas pictures modern furniture black sinks wooden cabinet

bathroom ideas pictures exotic wellness ambience bathtub

bathroom ideas modern plank floor glass wall vase walk in shower

white minimalist bathroom design wooden wall metal basin

bathroom ideas glass ceiling light bathtub white bathroom furniture

bathroom ideas eclectic design yellow walls marble bathtub open bedroom

bathroom design white wall tiles glass shower wooden washbasin shelves

bathroom design timber roof corian bathtub shower curtain

bathroom design ideas shower area glass wall partition

bathroom design ideas pictures wooden wall black sink

bathroom design ideas pictures modern design metal washbasin

bathroom design ideas modern metal washbasin wooden tiles

bathroom design ideas modern furnishings bath walk in shower glass wall

bathroom design ideas modern design mosaic tiles glass wall

bathroom design ideas modern design beige mosaic tiles wooden cabinet

bathroom design ideas modern bathtub rustic wooden bathroom furniture

bathroom design antique wooden furniture light wood wall

modern bathroom design ideas marble washbasin glass concrete wall pendant light


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