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The Zucchetti:Kos union was completed in 2007, this was a meeting of two major players in the field of contemporary bathroom design. On visiting their website the ardent browser will be totally seduced by vision after glorious vision of the most delectable bathrooms, wet rooms, plunge pools and spa’s.


 Luxury Bathing Experiences –

Fabulous Designs by Zucchetti – Kos of Italy

Zucchetti for a sublime bathing experience


To cut through a lot of fascinating but protracted history, Zucchetti have been specialists in designing taps and other bathroom hardware since 1950 .and the younger company Kos have been innovators in bath design since 1998.  The combined skills, creative energy and vision of these two companies has resulted in something extraordinary that is transforming luxury bathing experiences all over the world.

Shared Philosophies behind Luxury Bathing Experiences

Luxury bathing experiences with Zucchetti

Kos’s aim is  to“…give a sense of well-being and clarity to the everyday aspects of domestic living”. Zucchetti have always been motivated to seek ideals in innovation, design, and quality.  The synthesis of these combined philosophies has to produce excellence.

Luxury Bathing Experiences with Zucchetti

Modern bathroom with Zucchetti

Each Kos bathroom is a glorious vision of beautiful forms, colors and surfaces. Described as “small secluded paradises’, these are bathrooms designed for total self indulgence. Luxury bathing experiences turn an everyday occurrence into a transforming experience.  These sensational bathrooms become places to completely unwind and purify body, mind and spirit.

Perfect Styling Enhances Luxury Bathing Experiences

Bath design ideas by Zucchetti

Sculptural bath tubs, sinks and other bathroom furniture are the product of highly creative designers. Each separate unit or complete suite has been styled to make a powerful visual statement.  Of course the designers never lose sight of functionality as that would defeat the main objective.  Color is important to establish a relaxing ambience as are gentle lighting sources. Super stylish Zucchetti taps and accessories add that extra panache to the bathroom furniture, so that everything in the luxury bathing experience is perfect right down to the smallest detail.

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Stylish Tap Design Creation by Zucchetti-Kos

Contemporary bathroom ideas

Modern Bathroom Designs by Zucchetti

Luxury bathing experiences with Zucchetti-Kos

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