Bathroom wainscoting – the finishing touch to your bathroom design

contemporary bathroom design bathroom wainscoting ideas hardwood floor walk in shower

Bathroom wainscoting, by definition, is a partial-wall paneling used in bathrooms. Like wainscoting applied to any other rooms of the home it features nailing on wooden panels to the lower section of the walls and topping them with chair rail molding.

Bathroom wainscoting – put the finishing touches in your bathroom

bathroom remodel white wainscoting green walls beautiful floor tiles

It is true that bathroom wainscoting adds to the overall appearance of the bathroom. Although it is considered as a traditional decoration for bathrooms, we have collected 20 examples to demonstrate how wainscoting finds its rightful place in modern bathroom design. Besides the decorative value of the wainscoting, a well-designed and tasteful look of the bathroom will add value to your house and this only makes the investment worthy.

What is the right height of bathroom wainscoting?

contemporary bathroom design beadboard wainscoting freestanding tub glossy floor tiles

There are no strict rules for the height of bathroom wainscoting. It depends on the personal taste of the homeowner and the overall design of the bathroom. Of course, the main goal is to have the maximum effect from design as well as to get the best from purely practical point of view. Most people opt for the traditional height of 45 inches off the ground including the top rail but there are people who prefer high raised wall panels. The height of the wainscoting would also depend on the height of the room, sink height, the size and height of the vanity unit, etc.

Colors and materials of bathroom wainscoting

gorgeous bathroom wainscoting ideas wood white bathroom furniture

The market offers a wide variety of bathroom wainscoting from different materials – MDF, pinewood , cedar, vinyl or PVC. The fact that water may cause damage to natural wood or MDF panels makes PVC, cedar or vinyl the best alternative which would prove to be cost effective and practical.

turquoise bathroom wainscoting white bathroom furniture

Colors of bathroom wainscoting can vary from traditional white to natural wood. White and natural wood blend in and suit to every wall color but if the overall bathroom design features any other color – the wainscoting can be easily painted.

A beautiful combination of lavender wall color and white wainscoting

wainscoting bathroom white purple colors pedestal sinks

The wainscoting adds elegance and style to the design of the bathroom

stylish bathroom design ideas wainscoting panels large mirror

A contrast between white wall panels and wall color

small bathroom design ideas bathroom wainscoting white panels

Marine blue and white – a wonderful combination

modern bathroom design wainscoting panels deep blue wall color

A lovely beach style bathroom design

beautiful small bathroom designs white wainscoting panels blue wall color

modern bathroom design bathroom wainscoting ideas beadboard

 bathroom design bathroom wainscoting hardwood floor

bathroom design white wainscoting panels blue walls freestanding tub

bathroom wainscoting ideas sloping ceiling bathroom design pedestal sink

bathroom wainscoting ideas olive green wall panels  white bathroom furniture

bathroom wainscoting ideas master bathroom design furniture ideas

bathroom wainscoting ideas contemporary bathroom design freestanding bath walk in shower

bathroom wainscoting height small bathroom furniture ideas

bathroom decor ideas bathroom wainscoting panels white vanity freestanding tub

bathroom remodel ideas white wainscoting panels vanity freestanding tub


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