20 trendy gray bathroom interiors in contemporary style

stunning gray bathroom designs white freestanding tub

If you are interested in the latest trends in bathroom colors and designs we have prepared for you 20 amazing gray bathroom interiors. Gray adds drama, character and texture to the interior and you can choose from matte black to shiny glossy surfaces which will add the glamor to your bathroom.

20 trendy gray bathroom ideas and color combinations

modern gray bathroom design brown accents gray column sink

Shades of gray are usually used by designers as a basis for working with brighter palettes. This is not surprising, because paired with other colors, gray tones look amazing! Gray has been considered as a symbol of elegance, high taste and style.

trendy gray bathroom tiles black pebble stones bathtub

If you want to have a completely gray interior, these gray bathroom ideas will help you and inspire you. Of course, you need to know some basic rules for using the gray color. Cold gray shades should be used as accent as they give a colder feeling. You should combine them with warm colors, natural wood or opt for warmer shades of gray. The main purpose of a successful design is to maintain a balance of light and dark tones.

Gray bathroom ideas and bathroom furniture

modern bathroom designs gray tiles black vanity white sink

Gray bathroom interiors add a feeling of contemporary luxury. Natural stone finishes, glass surfaces – these look extremely well combined in gray interiors. White furniture with silver metal fittings and gray floor tiles and walls is a perfect solution for a modern looking bathroom.

awesome gray bathroom designs white bathtub gold accents

Gray color offers a great variety of shades and with proper attention to details you can have truly elegant interiors. Gray goes with almost all colors.

gray bathroom design with white bathroom furniture

A very interesting effect can be created by using a mixture of different shades of gray. Darker tones add stability white shining and matte gray tones, with different textures will add the warmer touches to the design.

Minimalist bathroom in gray

trendy bathroom colors gray wall tiles modern bathroom design ideas

Gray bathrooms and glass surfaces look elegant and harmonious. For example, a walk in shower with glass doors or partition walls, enlarge the space visually. The effect of glossy gray tiles can be doubled if you put a wall mirror or furniture with gloss finish. Usually gray is connected with metal and all kinds of metal accessories made of chrome or stainless steel, handles, holders, towel rack, would be a complement to the gray interior. Gray is the perfect backdrop for fascinating modern furniture and is working in a great way with stone and wood elements which soften the colder shades.

 Awesome bathroom design combines gray and white with marble effect

luxury bathroom designs gray floor tiles white bathroom furniture

 Dark gray tones and decorative tiles in the bathroom

gray color bathroom design ideas large mirror wall decorative wall tiles

Gray tiles with different finish add texture to the design

bathroom design gray bathroom tiles modern lighting

Gray tiles and white bathroom furniture

steel gray wall tiles white bathtub bathroom ideas

LED lighting bathroom design ideas gray color

gray tiles contemporary bathroom design wooden vanity

gray white bathroom designs modern minimalist bathroom

gray bathroom tiles white column sinks modern bathroom design ideas

gray bathroom tiles ideas black accents steel visual effect

gray bathroom ideas white bathroom furniture

gray bathroom design gray floor wall tiles red accents

contemporary gray bathroom design marble effect tiles

contemporary bathrooms gray color indirect lighting


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