20 Bathroom tile ideas and modern bathroom designs

dark brown chocolate brown mosaic effect bathroom tiles ideas

An oasis of relaxation and well-being, the bathroom is an important place in our lives. What once was considered as a small room for hygiene, nowadays has become an important room with its own character and style. Thanks to the bathroom tile ideas everyone is able to create a special place in the preferred style driven by his own imagination and taste.

Gold chocolate brown moderne bathroom tile ideas 3D effect

Tile accents with vintage flair in an ultra-modern style or the awesome 3D designs and patterns in large or small formats can transform every bathroom. The richness of colors in pastel shades or bold and solid can be used for spectacular bathroom designs.

Bathroom tile ideas in romantic vintage style

black and white bathroom floor tiles creative bathroom design ideas

 Bathroom tile ideas in a romantic retro style can be found repeatedly in the contemporary bathroom designs. The typical ornament and geometric patterns in classic black and white as floor tiles, in the bathroom, for example, give your floor a cozy look. Exquisite patterns on the wall are like a hand-embroidered motif on a linen fabric.

vintage style bathroom design mosaic tiles black vanity

Classic, modern and artfully designed vintage style tiles transform every bathroom into a space where everyone would feel comfortable. With a lot of imagination, you can also add retro ornaments, such as a wall mirror or tiles that look like wallpaper and have a distinctive graphic patterns and bright colors of the glamorous time of 50-70s years.

Classic retro design bathroom tile ideas ornated motifs

Vintage tiles can add a true romantic feeling in a modern glossy shine and you can be sure that your bathroom will have an exceptional design.

Bathroom tile ideas with floral pattern

purple bathroom tiles large format elegant bathroom design floral motifs

Bathroom tile ideas with floral pattern add a joyful feeling of spring. The cozy ambience is easily enhanced by floor tiles with wood effect. High quality ceramic tiles for the bathroom can be found with a natural stone effect and combined with stylish color accents.

 A beautiful design with a red accent wall

red beige tiles bathroom design ideas minimalist vanity design

Red wall tiles look so bold and striking. A real eye catcher red tiles immediately become a centerpiece. Red bathroom tiles are a great way to add an accent wall in the bathroom or turn a certain area into a focal point.

 Trendy gray colors

modern glossy bathroom tile ideas mosaic tiles contemporary bathroom

Gray is a versatile and timeless color and can set the mood of the bathroom. It can look cold and neutral or sophisticated and elegant. Gray and white combinations are very trendy and give the bathroom a modern look.


Neutral colors in a trendy bathroom

Desert dune effect bathroom tile ideas bathroom design

One color, different textures, bathroom plants

bathroom designs dark gray 3D bathroom tile ideas matt effect

Bold red accents

bathroom tile ideas red white combination bathroom design ideas

elegant bathroom design neutral colors bathroom tile ideas beige

3D effect bathroom tile ideas gray color

decorative bathroom tile ideas floral pattern beige tiles

Chocolate brown bathroom tiles round bath tub elegant bathroom design

brown bathroom tile ideas different textures white bathroom furniture

black gray bathroom tiles modern design white vanity

bathroom tile ideas blue tiles different patterns small bathroom ideas

Bathroom in white with fine floral patterns contemporary bathroom furniture

pink red mosaic pattern high gloss bathroom tile ideas



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