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Impressive exterior designs – 20 Amazing ideas for backyard pools

stunning backyard pools designs beautiful pool deck lounge furniture

We have collected 20 amazing ideas for backyard pools which will transform your outdoor area into an elegant place for relaxing outdoors. These spectacular modern poll designs will give you an answer to the question – why do I need a pool in the backyard. The reasons for having a backyard pool are countless, whether you opt for one of the above ground pool deck designs or choose an in-ground pool. It is an escape from the summer heat, a comfortable place for parties and entertainment, a good way to practice physical activities at home and of course, a place to rest! Pools provide the opportunity for exciting pool games and family activities and having a dinner by the pool is one of the best ways to spend a summer evening.

 Backyard pools – designs and ideas

unique backyard pools ideas contemporary pool design pool deck

Backyard pools can be designed in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Of course, the available space will determine the size and your budget will determine the rest. Rectangular pools are a timeless classic, but if you have a lot of free space only your fantasy can be the limit. You can also add a children’s pool connected with the large swimming pool with a bridge and slide. One thing that is very important – the style of the backyard pool should match the style of your house. For example, Mediterranean style impresses with its elegance, sophistication and simplicity but will look weird if your house is built in a minimalist style.

 Backyard pools and outdoor relax area

backyard pool ideas desings accessories

To make your backyard pool really unique, think of the additional features – lighting, water features, fountains, etc. As the pool is the favorite place for everyone during the summer, you need to get suitable outdoor furniture. Daybeds and sun loungers are a must as well as sun shades. A pergola or parasols will hide you from the hot summer rays. Of course, dining furniture is another element of your backyard area. Finally, a firepit or a fireplace by the pool will only add to the atmosphere and the inviting appearance.


Unique backyard pools outdoor lighting water features waterfall

 Mediterranean style backyard design

amazing backyard pools ideas pool house sunbeds parasol

  A small backyard pool

small backyard pools outdoor lounge furniture house exterior ideas

 Modern pool design ideas

modern house backyard pools ideas waterfall sundeck

 A dream backyard pool design

Dream backyard pools designs firepit pool lighting slide waterfall

 Elegant swimming pool in the backyard

fantastic backyard pools ideas pool deck garden pool designs

 Fabulous backyard pool with accent lighting

elegant backyard pools outdoor furniture ideas garden lighting ideas

modern house backyard pool patio design ideas

contemporary backyard pool jacuzzi pool lighting ideas

best backyard pools inground swimming pool garden exotic palm trees

beautiful backyard pool designs pool deck ideas

backyard pools ideas wooden deck sun loungers waterfall

backyard pools ideas water features slide

backyard pools ideas modern patio design pool decorating ideas

backyard pool ideas palm trees sunbeds

awesome backyard pools ideas mediterranean style patio design

amazing backyard pools rectangular pool sunbeds pool house


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