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The swimming pond – benefits from the natural pool in the garden

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What does the term natural pool mean, and what you need to know about it before you build a swimming pond – all this you will find here!

Building a swimming pond – how actually does the pond function

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If you would like to build a swimming pond, the following information will be useful to you. The natural pools are gaining popularity. But what actually is a natural pool? A swimming pond, also known as a natural pool means a swimming pool that is cleaned with environmentally friendly mechanical processes and aqua plants. Each swimming pond is divided into two areas – one is suitable for swimming. The second zone is richly planted and resembles a garden pond. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool and is connected with it with a pump. The so called Regeneration zone purifies the water with the help of water plants – in this way no chlorine cleaning agents are required.

Build a swimming pond at an affordable cost and easier maintenance

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Since the cleaning is done completely mechanically and with plants, a swimming pond is an easy option for home gardeners. In this way, dry skin and red eyes that follow after swimming in a chlorinated pool can be avoided. The cleaning zone is created in a concrete tank , so contamination of the garden can be avoided. The water is then tested, and then planted according to the results with corresponding water plants. You no longer even have to completely replace the water every year. Planning plays an important role in ensuring that the closed ecosystem works properly. The cost of a natural pool may vary depending on the terrain, the size and the project. Basically, you should foresee costs between 100 – 400 euros per square meter.

Swimming pond – swimming zone

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Water is exchanged between the two basins

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The cleaning zone and the pools are interconnected

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 Stones and water plants – decoration ideas

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