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Pool House Architecture Extravaganza by NL Architects

 Drop blob project

Whoosh, this is something a bit different!  Contemporary architecture ideas where the house and pool are fused as one inseparable entity!  Have a look and see whether you think this is a crazy idea or not.  Most people are content with a pool next to their homes or even more ambitiously, running through it, but these fascinating pool house architecture designs propose all kinds of imaginative pools to actually sit on top of the house.


Pool House Architecture Extravaganza

All design proposals by NL Architects of the Netherlands

 Pool house project by NL architects

The featured architect who produced all these designs is NL architects from the Netherlands. They were approached by a wealthy client to design a luxury pool house in Del Rey Beach, Florida. Obviously not short of a million or two, this customer wanted the new pool house to replace the existing 12,000-square-foot mansion.  The old estate also benefitted from an additional beachside property just perfect for re development.


Luxury Pool House Architecture Commission

Modern pool house design

NL architects were given free rein to develop ideas for this elaborate project with the only proviso being that the main house would be an impressive 744 square-meters with a further area of 372 square meters to be dedicated to fabulous guest accommodation.  The three designs shown here represent the shortlisted ideas for the pool house architecture.


Three Extraordinary Pool House Architecture Designs

Fabulous pool house by NL architects

The ‘Drop Blob’ idea shows an unusual kidney-shaped house with a pool roof. The roof in many architecture projects remains under developed or it may sometimes be extended to include a roof garden.  As shown with these extraordinary designs, NL Architects believe that roofs should do more than just shelter you from inclement weather.  The roof may provide other facilities, in this case, a swimming pool. The rather unromantically named ‘Drop Blob’ incorporates a series of meanderingly, curvaceous forms. As you can see the winding path of the pool is suspended over the simple glass volumes.


Pool House Architecture by NL Architects

NL architects pool house proposal

These transparent areas house the living spaces. To connect the two elements, water is allowed to spill out of the pool and pour down the glass walls in a dramatic fashion.  The unification is completed by mature planting which proves a link between the house and the canopy of the pool roof.


Pool Roof Design Idea

View from the top - modern pool house

The second design is for the “Pool House” is simpler in form and this has been described as a, “   boxy, rectangular plan, extruding this to produce a large pavilion structure.” Connections to the ‘Drop Blob’ design can be seen as similar curved forms have been reconfigured to create the roof pool. Here the underside of the basins may be conceived as ‘inverted domes’ that extend into the interior of the house.  These proposed dome features help to delineate interior living spaces as separate activity zones.


Luxury Pool House Design Idea

Modern pool house by NL architects

The final ambitious and rather spectacular proposal is for a building called ‘Sawa House’ The basis of this construction looks like a section of a stepped pyramid overlaid with a sequence of sculptural connected swimming pools. This has been referred to as a “contoured aqueous landscape” by the architects.  The water brings the architecture to life as it spills over the edges of one pool onto the terraced level below.  This is a particularly exotic design and would be intriguing to revisit if the design progresses beyond the ‘drawing board’ stage.

So three luxurious designs to choose from, which one would you go for, if any?

by Jaz

Sawa  House by NL Architects

Stunning pool house design

Modern Pool House Architecture

Lovely Sawa house project by NL architects

Contemporary Pool House Architecture

Stylish pool house design

Pool House Design Ideas by NL Architects

Modern pool house architecture

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