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30 Exciting inground pool designs – useful tips for first-time buyers

rectangular inground pool design beautiful patio ideas garden decoration

We have collected 30 exciting inground pool designs which will get you inspired to start a new project and turn you dream pool into a reality. As much as a thrilling project, building a pool is a task which requires careful planning, research and consultations.

Exciting inground pool designs – how to realize your dream

amazing inground pool designs dream pool ideas patio landscaping ideas

All inground pool designs start with the initial planning. Before starting the actual work, you need to have decided in advance what you want your dream pool look like and where it will be located.

contemporary inground pool design modern patio ideas fireplace sundeck

As a first time buyer, the most important questions for you would be – why, what, and where. You have to have a clear answer on these questions before you hire a swimming pool building company and believe it, this is a smart way to start the project.

beautiful inground pool patio design ideas pool deck planters

When the time for the meeting with the professional contractor comes, many of the answers will already be obvious and your project will appear more clearly.

best inground pool designs fantastic patio ideas garden decorating

Why do you want to build a swimming pool? Is it mainly for family entertainment? How will the pool be used is a crucial point, and it is worth thinking about.

inground swimming pools designs with slide rectangular pools

The design of a swimming pool for games and sports is different than the design of an elegant house extension in the patio.

inspiring infinity pool design inground pools modern patio ideas

Which pool type you prefer? What shape? A traditional rectangular pool which is greatly functional, an elegant oval shape, a kidney shape or a romantic infinity pool that seems to disappear on the horizon?


unique inground pool design ideas round pool palm tree patio landscape ideas

Although the available shapes and sizes are limited only by the imagination, they play an important role in planning. An outdoor pool where you can swim a few laps requires a certain design and construction, while the other pools where you can admire the water over natural rocks will need a completely different design.

contemprary patio inground pool wooden deck patio design

Besides the shape of your pool, you need to think of the privacy and the proximity of the pool to the main house. Sunshade is also an important question.

best inground pool designs garden landscape patio decoration

Look what trees you have in the garden, their place, as this would be of significance in hot and sunny summer days. Of course, your builder will be able to give you useful advice on the exact location of the pool.

Iinground pool designs and exiting ideas for your patio

glass tile inground pool violin shape amazing pools patio ideas

You may have been looking pictures of stunning inground pool designs but when it comes to actions, you have to find a good pool builder. The specialists will advise you on all emerging legal and logistical issues.

best iground pools ideas pool lighting ideas patio pergola palm trees

Each community has special zoning laws, legal and security restrictions and inspection procedures to be followed by pool builders. A qualified pool builder knows the laws and restrictions and can easily handle it.

round inground pool design ideas pergola water features pool deck ideas

Your pool builder will certainly discuss the placement of mechanical equipment and electrical and plumbing requirements with you, because all of these elements must be easily accessible for the right maintenance of the pool.

How to decorate the inground pool?

unique inground pool design pool lighting decorative rocks

There are many ways to make a pool area a special place. The decorative elements should never turn into a focal point, as your pool is the actual star and they should complement it.

unique inground pool designs contemporary patio decor ideas

The pool deck flooring, the entrance and exit of the pool, tiles, water features – all these will transform a blank spot into a spectacular pool area.


outdoor swimming pool decoration ideas pool deck planters

Do not forget the green plants, colorful flowers and low-growing trees which can be added as a great landscape accent around the pool, along with a distinctive garden design and charming outdoor furniture.


stunning inground pools patio landscape ideas pool deck outdoor furniture


spectacular inground pool designs unique patio ideas pool deck palm trees


small swimming pool designs inground pool small patio design ideas


Small inground pool ideas small patio pool design built in bench outdoor lounge furniture


 inground pool designs patio ideas pool deck privacy fence


inground swimming pools backyard landscape ideas lawn pool deck


Inground pools ideas rock waterfalls pool design ideas modern patio


inground pool lighting contemporary patio design garden lighting ideas


inground pool designs pool lighting ideas pool deck ideas


inground pool designs patio design ideas pool decoration


fabulous inground pool designs elegant patio ideas patio decor

best inground pool designs garden landscaping ideas pool deck lawn


best inground pool designs amazing patio decor ideas


beautiful inground pool designs garden landscape ideas


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