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Miniature garden ideas for your home – how to make a lovely landscape

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Are you craving for a miniature garden solutions in your home that will fill up the empty space and enlighten your interior or exterior? It doesn’t matter if you are going to create a miniature garden inside your home or in the outdoor, either way you can arrange a lovely green setting. The only thing you should take in consideration if you are creating a garden indoors or outdoors is the type of plants. Some plants prefer being under the sunlight longer than others, so if you are creating a garden for indoors you will have to use plants that will have no problem living inside the house. Either way they will have to be small because of the miniature setting.

Lovely miniature garden design ideas

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The first thing you will have to do is to fix up your miniature garden spot and then prepare the utilities that you will need for the garden holder. Be creative and set your imagination free. For the garden holders you can arrange porcelain teapots and teacups, old water cans to give your miniature garden a more rustic look, if you want to be more originals you can use fishbowls, colored bottles and jars and much more. All you need is utilities where you can put soil and water without turning them into another film set for the series of “Bugs’ life”.

A wonderful solution if you live in an urban area

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For the decoration of your miniature garden you can use anything that will go well with your arrangement. Some people paint their old rocking chairs and use it as a center piece; others use little gnomes and miniature houses, picket fences and little benches to create a lovely village rustic theme setting. Pathways made of pebbles will give the garden a more natural look and will make it look much more complete. The other types of accessories I leave up to your imagination.

Urban area gardening solution

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Wonderful perfectly designed miniature garden setting

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Rustic house miniature landscape idea 

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Creative choice of plants

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