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Perfect Roof Garden Landscape Designed by David Kelly of New York, USA

Beautiful view from a roof garden

According to landscape designer David Kelly, roof garden landscapes are very like stage sets, as they are usually viewed from one position and this is likely to be a window. Because of this, Kelly advises that roof garden landscapes should be planned in tiers or layers.  These represent the foreground, middle ground and distant views that you would expect to see in a larger garden or landscape setting.  Presented here are a number of very satisfying views of this perfect roof garden landscape,  which appear to surpass the limitations often associated with these lofty outdoor spaces.

Live the High Life with a Perfect Roof Garden Landscape

Designed by David Kelly

Roof garden landscape design

Before planning a roof garden landscape safety factors must be taken into considerations.  A safety fence must be put in place to avoid disastrous accidents.   However, these may not always be very attractive and can obscure exciting views.  An alternative, as Kelly shows here, could be to use a thick safety glass barrier instead of railings.  This stylish roof terrace has been furnished with very comfortable and minimalistic seating units which also convert into loungers.  A stunning focal point has been created by planting a large Serbian pine tree in a timber clad container.  The dramatic simplicity of this coordinates well with the elegant furniture combination.

Tall Trees Define this Elegant Roof Garden Landscape

David Kelly roof garden designs

This view of the roof garden shows how tall narrow tree species distract from less attractive views.  The stately trees also define the garden’s boundaries along with a collection of distinctive white planters.  These planting containers include simple rectilinear forms and classical antique French urns. These are planted with manicured boxwood has been clipped into pleasing geometric forms.  Tasteful modernist furniture and abstract sculpture have been selected to compliment this section of this stunning New York roof garden landscape.

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Roof garden landscape design ideas


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