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Stone wall in the garden – ideas for attractive garden architecture


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A stone wall in the garden serves several functions: it serves as slope protection, wind protection and privacy and separating element at the same time. A natural stone wall blends perfectly into the natural landscape. You can also create a wellness area in your garden through a practical and aesthetic garden wall.

build a stone wall in the garden – ideas for modern garden design

Flowers stone retaining wall

The stone wall in the garden is a special eye-catcher,uniting the function and form in itself. The traditional stone walls, whether drywall, natural stone or sand stone are usually created as a hillside retaining wall, so that the garden receives the necessary stability. Such a garden wall is arranged in different levels. They should be easily accessible, and low maintenance flower beds are advisable.

Arrange accents with a traditional stone wall in the garden

Garden ideas floor covering stone wall

Stones are a natural material, which is characterized with its great diversity. A decorative stone wall in the garden brings a special flair with it – whether rustic, antique, modern or Mediterranean. Due to its adaptability, different shades and finishes, the stone wall easily adapts to the respective garden character.

Drywall stone fits perfectly in the wildlife

garden stone wall ideas

The stone wall in the garden creates a natural transition from the living space to nature. In addition, the garden wall can be planted – some plant species flourish ideally in the joints. Even the cracks of the walls provide to several animal species a safe haven.

Walls in the garden

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With its characteristic appearance, the wall of natural stones is suitable for a natural design, secure, and a lot of joy. The stone wall in the garden that conveys timeless beauty, and can be build according to the individual wishes.

Create a comfortable atmosphere in the garden

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Natural stone wall in the garden

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