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Front yard garden design – practical tips and ideas for amateurs

creative modern garden design front yard garden design idea

Learn important tips and ideas on how you can arrange your front yard garden design – combine tasteful plants, shrubs and flowers for the perfect small front yard landscaping that will catch all the attention of passers-by.

Front yard garden design – you privacy with shrubs

Front yard garden design design ideas bushes cut shapes

If you want a fantastic front yard garden design, there are several options to choose from. English garden style has a wide lawn, where children and pets can play. A concrete path leads to the house. In the immediate vicinity, often right in front of the windows, medium-high shrubs are planted, and they provide privacy for the first floor. Hanging plants on the second floor guard the privacy and the bedrooms of the residents. If you have a house on a hillside, you can build multiple terraces, which are connected by a staircase.

Front yard garden design – with or without a fence?

cozy front yard design stairs house entrance

A wooden fence can become a part of the garden when it is low. High fence can make the entrance look closed and appear unfriendly. People who want more privacy, can create a water garden and stone path in front of the fence – in this way the garden will look mysterious and exotic. Pay close attention to the types of plants you want to plant in the front yard – evergreen trees and shrubs should be preferred. Also, all year plants are a beautiful design, regardless of the season. Other good idea is to organize planters in the front yard garden design. In winter you can bring them back into the house. Be inspired by our suggestions and combinations of decorative elements and greenery!

English style front yard garden design

House front yard English style design ideas

Front yard terraces and retaining wall made ​​of natural stone

Garden stone wall design idea Lawn patio design

 Modern garden art design ideas flower beds with interesting shapes

modern art garden flowers front yard garden design ideas

Front yard in a country house style – fruit trees and a stone path at the center

Shrubs trees front yard garden design house entrance

Pergola and marble statues lead the guests to the house

Front garden design ideas pergola statues

Small details in the garden design with a big impact

original garden design idea modern lawn

Combine water features and garden plants for more comfort

original garden water fountain stone garden path

Front garden with pond creates a mysterious atmosphere

water lily garden house entrance wooden door stone path

 Exotic garden with pebble path and cacti

oriental style garden design idea

 Small garden with evergreen plants in flowerpots

modern garden design flower pots design ideas

 Palm trees and exotic plants in the front yard

exotic front yard garden design palm trees


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