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90 retaining wall design ideas for creative landscaping

retaining wall design ideas modern landscape

Modern landscaping features beautiful retaining wall design ideas. These structures are often designed when the terrain is sloped and soil has to be restrained. With the help of retaining walls, landscape architects make sure that soil is bound between the levels of a hillside and create spectacular and picturesque views.

Form and function in the modern retaining wall design ideas

wooden patio furniture log retaining wall

Hardly anyone could give an answer to the question what is more important in the modern retaining wall design ideas – the form or the function. Based on the prime purpose of these walls, we could say it is function, but this does not mean that form must be neglected. These walls are carefully engineered and have become a practical element in the landscape. Look at some inspiring landscape designs featuring beautiful walls.

Art and creativity in retaining wall design ideas

wonderful garden design curved stone retaining walls

Retaining wall design ideas can be simple or complex – boulder walls, stone walls, wood, concrete, etc. can be used as materials. Whether small or large, wooden or concrete, such walls can be seen in many places. Modern landscape architects create stunning designs, using high quality materials and different styles so quite often a retaining wall becomes the focal point of the landscape design. There are wonderful examples of creative landscape designs which blend engineering with natural elements and offer innovative solutions and visions.

  urban retaining wall blocks

When the home is located in areas with difficult terrain it is essential to strengthen the slopes. Retaining walls are the obvious choice for such sloping plots and allow you to eliminate the problem with soil erosion. In addition they are a powerful element in landscape design which allows landscape architects to make the best of different level heights in the garden. Gorgeous flower beds that are located on higher ground levels look particularly beautiful.

 Beautiful landscape with concrete retaining walls

urban landscape design public areas

 Modern landscape multilevel design

exterior design concrete garden retaining wall design ideas

Landscape in industrial style

urban industrial landscape design metal retaining walls

  Traditional landscape design idea

traditional landscape design stone retaining walls

 Landscape design using natural stone

traditional stone retaining walls garden landscape ideas

 Magnificent landscaping with stone blocks

traditional landscape design natural stone blocks

Stylish and elegant landscape design 

stylish landscape design stone wall outdoor furniture

 Chic landscape idea with wooden deck and benches

stunning landscape design wooden deck retaining wall staircase

 Spectacular vertical garden wall

spectacular garden vertical wall

 Rustic style landscape design

rustic style landscape architecture design

patio landscaping and modern furniture

modern landscape concrete retaining wall design ideas

stone retaining wall design ideas garden exterior

natural stone wall creative landscape designs

natural stone retaining wall design ideas modern landscape

multilevelled modern landscape design

multi level concrete retaining walls wooden deck contemporary landscape

retaining wall design ideas moss covered vertical wall

modern retaining walls garden landscaping ideas

modern patio landscaping multilevelled walls

modern patio landscape vertical retaining wall

modern patio design outdoor furniture

landscape in traditional style stone walls wooden paths

modern landscape ideas retaining walls

 landscape ideas natural materials retaining wall design ideas

modern landscape design levelled walls

modern landscape design ideas retaining wall

modern landscape architecture sundeck

modern landscape architecture retaining walls hillside

modern house exterior design garden deck

modern house architecture exterior design

modern garden wooden walls design

modern garden stone columns white concrete walls

modern garden landscape multi levelled concrete walls

modern architecture and landscape design white retaining wall

metal retaining wall industrial landscape design

marvelous contemporary style landscape design benches retaining walls

landscaping ideas multi levelled retaining wall design ideas

retaining wall blocks - landscape ideas industrial style

landscape exterior design levelled retaining walls

landscape design sloped terrain garage and shed

landscape design different materials stone metal concrete

landscape design concrete retaining wall natural stone slabs path

landscape architecture retaining wall steps

landscape architecture ideas concrete walls stairs wooden path

landscape architecture ideas concrete retaining walls

interesting ndustrial style landscape ideas

retaining wall blocks

industrial style landscape design outdoor area

gorgeous landscape vertical retaining wall natural stone levels

garden landscape stairs retaining wall design ideas

garden and park landscape retaining wall design ideas

fantastic rustic style landscape vertical retaining wall design ideas

fantastic landscape design mediterranean style

curved wall industrial style landscape design

curved stone wall in traditional landscape design

curved retaining wall design ideas mediterranean style landscape design

creative landscape ideas built in bench industrial themed design

creative landscape design rustic style old wood logs

creative landscape retaining wall design ideas slope terrain

creative landscape architecture levelled metal walls stairs

creative garden landscape design stone walls

creative concrete retainig wall design ideas

creative and simple landscape design solutions

contemporary landscape architecture levelled walls

contemporary landscape architectire industrial style design ideas

contemporary garden vertical wall landscape design

contemporary garden landscape concrete and stone walls

contemporary garden design retaining walls concrete slabs path

modern concrete retaining wall magnificent landscape design ideas

beautiful stone wall slope terrain landscaping design

beautiful landscape exterior wooden walls and patio furniture

beautiful landscape design natural stones built in bench

beautiful landscape and garden design natural stone walls

beautiful garden landscape design stone curved walls

artistic landscape design industrial style

 Rock retaining wall design ideas garden landscape ideas

garden retaining wall design ideas raised flower beds ideas

garden retaining wall design ideas patio landscape wooden fence

garden retaining wall design backyard landscape ideas

garden landscaping retaining wall design ideas firepit

garden landscape retaining wall design ideas lawn

garden landscape retaining wall design garden path

garden landscape awesome retaining wall design ideas

garden decor ideas garden path retaining wall design ideas

Brick retaining wall design ideas backyard landscape flowerbeds


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