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70 bamboo garden design ideas – how to create a picturesque landscape

 Bamboo landscaping ideas modern asian style

The picturesque landscapes in the gallery below and the bamboo garden design ideas are not pointed at the plants themselves but on the ways to use these beautiful trees. Whatever type of garden you are planning, bamboo trees offer great opportunities for creating peaceful and harmonic atmosphere.

Bamboo garden design ideas

fantastic asian landscape design bamboo trees budha statue

These bamboo garden design ideas will help you make a fantastic ornamental style garden. There are a few things that you need to know about bamboo and how to use it in order to decorate your exterior with this exotic plant. If you want to use bamboo outside you should take into account the climate conditions. The various species of bamboo are suitable for different climate conditions. Select a place in the garden or on the terrace, where the plants are getting enough sunlight.

Bamboo garden design ideas and the best ways to create magnificent landscapes

modern landscape traditional asian elements bamboo trees stone paths

The huge number of species means that you will not have difficulty in finding the right one and looking at all these wonderful bamboo garden design ideas you may find your inspiration. Some bamboo species are adaptable for growing in the ground and in containers. If you plan to set up the bamboo garden in pots, this method requires more care and attention. Make sure that the pots that you have selected are large enough. There are many varieties of dwarf bamboo that will be excellent as accent plants and add Asian charm to your garden.

stylish rectangular bamboo garden design

Bamboo can be seen in many garden designs and landscape magazines. The reasons for the growing popularity of bamboo are that it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and looks elegant and graceful. When planning the design of your bamboo garden, you should know some basic facts for the successful growth of your plants. Most bamboo species love sunlight and soil pH of about 6.0 – 6.2. Lack of moisture is one of the biggest problems for growing bamboo plants, so make sure you provide sufficient watering. Bamboo is evergreen and the foliage changes as they grow.

 Small patio area with bamboo trees

small patio landscaping ideas bamboo trees

 Young bamboo trees along the garden wall

small garden with bamboo trees wooden bench

Asian style landscape

asian landscape bamboo garden design ideas

 Patio with mini garden

small garden design bamboo trees outdoor furniture

 Bamboo trees and small pond add Asian flair to the garden

serene asian landscape design pond and bamboo trees

 Rooftop terrace with trees in pots

rooftop terrace design ideas bamboo trees in pots

 Peaceful garden in Asian style

modern patio design deck bamboo trees budha statue

Magnificent garden design

bamboo garden design ideas stone walls trees wood deck

  Accent lighting in bamboo garden

garden landscape lighting bamboo trees wooden bench

 Bamboo trees along the garden wall create a feeling of privacy

patio furniture fireplace and garden design witn bamboo trees

patio furniture asian style garden design bamboo trees

modern patio furniture and bamboo garden

rooftop bamboo garden design ideas chairs trees in pots

beautiful bamboo garden design outdoor dining area

asian style landscape bamboo trees garden design stone path

modern patio design bamboo trees and patio furniture

modernize your landscape bamboo garden ideas

modern garden design with Bamboo trees

modern exterior design ideas entry wood bamboo trees

bamboo garden design ideas outdoor plants retaining wall

modern exterior design bamboo trees gardnen area

modern Bamboo trees garden design dining area

small garden design ideas asian style bamboo trees

modern bamboo garden design ideas asian style landscape

modern landscape design ideas bamboo garden

landscape ideas bamboo trees garden stone paths

landscape ideas retaining walls bamboo garden

Bamboo garden design ideas indoor pots running water

landscape design bamboo plants around rectangular courtyard

patio landscape design ideas outdoor furniture

landscape asian style stone path bamboo trees

garden design retaining wall bamboo trees

exterior design ideas swimming pool bamboo trees wall

exterior design asian style stone paths bamboo trees

contemporary pool and bamboo trees in garden

contemporary landscape with bamboo trees

contemporary landscape small garden design ideas bamboo jacuzzi wooden deck

contemporary landscape ideas bamboo garden design

small garden design modern deck bamboo trees

contemporary landscape design small bamboo garden

contemporary deck patio furniture and bamboo garden design

bamboo trees privacy wall modern garden

bamboo in the garden landscape design ideas

bamboo garden ideas trees and water house entry

Bamboo garden desing ideas public area

bamboo garden design ideas young trees along wall

patio landscape ecclectic style bamboo trees

Bamboo garden design ideas patio landscape

babmoo garden design ideas asian style

asian style landscape idea wooden pots bamboo trees

asian style garden idea small bamboo tree

asian patio design idea bamboo trees

asian landscape modern style bamboo trees stone slabs path

asian landscape design stone path bamboo trees

asian garden landscape design wall tree in pot

modern landscape design pots stone path

bamboo garden design ideas zen garden ideas bridge

 bamboo garden design ideas zen garden design garden rock

 bamboo garden design ideas rooftop garden wooden flooring

 bamboo garden design ideas privacy fence patio landscape

 bamboo garden design ideas privacy fence garden bench

 bamboo garden design ideas patio landscape ideas

 bamboo garden design ideas modern patio garden wooden deck

 bamboo garden design ideas modern patio decor ideas

 bamboo garden design ideas bamboo zen garden

 Awesome bamboo garden design ideas patio landscape


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