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Top 5 Fashion interior design conceptions


Fashion living room interior

Fashion is strongly connected with the interior design. Both can be called arts, both are accepted as the most elegant business sectors in the global industry, and both are collaborating with each other – borrowing materials and cloths, giving and taking from each other ideas, conceptions and even inspiration. Top 5 of the most incredible interior design ideas that have been inspired by the fashion tendencies are here in front of you, we do not want to affect you by telling you which one is the best and which one leads the chart.

Luxury fashion bathroom


Luxury fashion bathroom by Chantal Thomass

We just want to give you some new approach of style and decoration in your own home – especially if you are a shopaholic or you are just in love with the fashion and follow its last tendencies. Fashion interior design is characterizing with the materials, elements and symbols of global fashion – from Milano to New York, from Gucci to Armani and Versace. When it comes to materials, the room is covered with textiles such as silk, cotton, leather – eco and real one – satin and sateen. Extra materials are diamonds and other precious stones – Swarovski and pearls – gold and silver.

Glamour bedroom interior design


Glamour bedroom interior design by Altamoda

They are observed on the shelves in the figures and sculptures, on the ornaments of the chandelier and sometimes even on the damask of the furniture. Fashion symbols in the interior design ideas are too many to be counted. Most frequently, designers put some dummies or shoes, fashion icon portraits and suggestive decors or furniture in a shape of these suggestive fashion elements – reels, decorative tabs, mirrors and mini podiums among the rooms.

Fashion living room interior


Cozy fashion living room interior

 The whole fashion interior design is shining and is representing the artificial brilliance, the pomposity and the beauty that cannot be faked or imitated. Color scheme is rich and screaming, decorative elements are extravagant and fascinating. Illumination is bright and put in all the corners of the premises. A beautiful woman or Alain Delon is smiling mysteriously from the wall, in these rooms with such interior designs we do not walk with our pet clothing.
Text by Abigail

Contemporary living room fashion interior


Contemporary living room fashion interior

Versace dining room design


Versace dining room design

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