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The home studio – design decisions


Contemporary home studio

The studio is an office, but of an arts person. Artistry is a characteristic of the room, which means full freedom of arrangement. The only condition is that everything necessary for creating works of art is present. The question is: how can the studio co-exist with the rest of the area, used for living in?

Beautiful home studio


Beautiful home studio with modern lighting

The only way to avoid the two functions getting in each other’s way is for the studio to be a separate building, situated right next to the house. The smell of paint, the noise from playing music, all inconveniences, which go with the artistic process, would not bother the other inhabitants that way. Preparing the place depends on the character of the person, who uses it. Essential in this aspect are the noise isolation, the lighting and the choice of floor and wall coverings. If the room is used by a painter, the lighting should be especially considered. French windows are suitable for giving way to daylight get in and be useful throughout the day. For a photographer’s work shop, where a place for developing films is to be present, the room should have smaller windows, as well as to have a naturally unlit section. Studio equipment is specific and entirely different according to the activity carried out there.

Photographic studio design


Modern home photographic studio design

The decoration should be simplistic and preferably consisting of works of the studio’s owner, if he’s a painter, or a photographer. The creative process usually takes up all of the person’s time and sometimes lasts for a prolonged time. A good decision is a zone for resting.

Modern home studio


Home studio with comfortable desk

It can even be used as a place for sleeping, if the artist would like to spend all his time in the confines of his studio.
A sofa, a computer desk, a cabinet, or a set of shelves for storing personal possessions and documents, are all suitable furniture choices for this crib. There also has to be a separate place, zone, or crib for storing the work materials. Paint, brushes, canvases or negatives, copy paper and everything used for work and needing a special place for storage, so it won’t be damaged by sunlight or temperature. The necessary chests of drawers, shelves and other furniture, corresponding to the necessities, have to be bought for them.

Home studio for artist


Attractive home studio for artist

The studio is a place, where the artist has to work alone. He has to create works of art there and everything in his studio has to help achieve that. That’s why it should be arranged according to its user’s preferences and his active decision-making.

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