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The Cubby House – modern Australian loft design


Contemporary loft living in Australia

Edwards Moore shows once again the beauty of the Australian contemporary design style. This cool loft extension – a true piece of art by the Australian architecture can be described as very cozy and chic. It’s situated in Fitzroy, Melbourne. One of the coolest things about this house is its open-concept feature finished with luxurious elements and concrete reflective surfaces. Its uniqueness comes from the board furniture and built-ins which make the interior very fresh and modernistic.

Shabby-chic design from Edwards Moore


Shabby-chic design from Edwards Moore

Edwards Moore creativity has designed something extraordinary this time. This shabby-chic design has stunned many. This home is more than practical and compact … With its beauty, quality design, and inviting atmosphere it is everything one could ask for. It is called the Cubby House, take a look at the pictures and you will understand why. With a collection of built in shelving and cubby units, this house offers plenty of storage even though it looks very minimalistic on the outside.

The Cubby house bedroom


The Cubby house by Edwards Moore bedroom

When we say luxury we mean this Cubby House. The bathtub in the master bedroom is the proof for that. Everything is made of the best quality materials and every detail of the house is designed with thought and extra care. Chic, beautiful, multifunctional and full of storage space, this home is created with care and thought, call it a masterpiece, call it whatever you want, but one thing is for sure – living in a home like this one is pure perfection.

Stylish kitchen area interior


Stylish kitchen area interior design

The Australian Architects proved to us once again, that they are the greatest in terms of compatibility, style and unique design ideas. This unbelievable home is suitable for a small or a large family. It’s a perfect residence for the weekends or for a vacation, it is also great for living, all troubles are washed away once you enter this home.

Modern kitchen-dining area design


Modern kitchen-dining area design

 Modern staircase design


Modern clean line staircase design

Elegant bathroom interior design


Elegant bathroom interior design

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