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Scandinavian design furniture and interior ideas for the next 2012 year


Scandinavian entry interior design

Scandinavian home interior ideas are always bright and fresh. The come with some gorgeous lightness and brings us into a world, where everything lives in peace and harmony. The 2012 trends for domestic coziness and prettiness are following this light but meanwhile they bring some eco refreshment and a contemporary minimalistic flavor. All the rooms are white. This is the main idea in the interior design conception for 2012 in Scandinavian culture and view of home arrangement and decoration.

Scandinavian living space interior design


Scandinavian living space interior design

The white walls, the white floor and the white simple pieces of furniture are ornamented with brown wooden ornaments and some interesting iron or rock figures. Paintings are the Scandinavian favorite decors for the walls – for people, who are not very keen on art, we suggest photos in frames – photos with your family on one side, and photos with friends one the other one. The symmetry, actually, is a very important category in the new trends for Scandinavian interior design. Another special decor in the Scandinavian conception for a perfect home in 2012 are the green plants, growing in some elegant and pretty plan pots.

Scandinavian living room design


Scandinavian living room design

Scandinavian living room in the upcoming 2012 is a hybrid between a place for having a rest and a cozy saloon for your guests. Nothing is unnecessary here – the decoration may look too much for some of you, but as a matter of fact, we really need them here – in such a pure and white environment. Scandinavian bedroom and bathroom, on the other hand, are romantic and magnetic. They create the peace you deserve at the end of the day. You could really feel here as in heaven – the color scheme is warm and light.

Scandinavian bedroom design


Scandinavian bedroom work-space interior design

Some bright ornaments are put for a stress and a contrast. Scandinavian trends for the new 2012 may look to you a little bit simple and not quiet original but they follow the conception for the perfection, purity and domestic coziness. Sometimes, beauty and luxury can be too heavy, especially for people who desires of calmness and peace – a Scandinavian home is the best opportunity for them to chill.
Text by Abigail

Scandinavian bathroom interior design


Scandinavian bathroom interior design

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