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Office of a Blonde Ambition


Modern pink office furniture design

We are not going to talk about the movie or about Jessica Simpson in this article. But, somehow, we may include the main ideas from this Hollywood production – for instance, the conception about the great balance between the beauty and the practicality. If you are a female, and you are a real aesthete, you do not want to work in a dull and boring working place, by all means. We have a great suggestion for you – make your office look a little bit more beautiful and spending and meanwhile preserve the compactness and the efficiency of the ordinary office place.

Modern office interior


Modern office interior for Astral Media

The interior design made special for the office of the Blonde Ambition is usually connected with the pink. Although, you are still free to improvise (if your boss allows you to, of course) and replace the pink nuance with the pink one – still sweet and female, and still different than the ordinary black, grey or white. Get the brush and paint the walls in pink! You will feel the difference immediately! Even though you will keep the old furniture and still suffer from the lack of decoration, the pink and bright walls can make your mood much better.

Pink office design


Pink office design

Another idea is to leave the company`s property with no changes and not to paint to avoid some troubles with your bosses, but to bring some interesting decoration ornaments in pink. Some office appliances – a notebook, pencils, laptop, fax machine and a telephone can be found in pink everywhere. Pink frames for the photo of your beloved or your family and a pink ceramic vase may adorn your office desk.

Minimalist office design


Minimalist office design

Office furniture may be ordered in pink, as well. Pink desk and pink office chair may be made in a manufacture companies. Yes, it will cost you a little bit more money, but the atmosphere you will create at your work place will make you feel happy and joyful every day! It`s up to you – and you do need to be blond to be happy in your own office, although we strongly recommend you to be ambitious!
Text by Abigail

Pink office interior design


Pink office interior design

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