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Minimalistic interior design with retro spirit


Stylish dining room with elegant furnishing

Minimalistic interior design ideas are always coming with some inside spirit. This spirit could speak of luxury or contemporary world; it can also remind you of the glory and magnificence of epochs such as Baroque, Renaissance or Classicism. Sometimes, a minimalistic interior design can also come to your home with a warm, amazing and authentic retro spirit.

Different colour scheme interior design


Different colour scheme interior design

This retro collection of minimalistic interior design ideas impresses with its variety of color schemes. Presence of many colors in the interior design – especially the bright ones – is the main key to get to the retro line. Red, orange, blue, yellow and warm brown nuances are playing a familiar domestic game that we know from the past, where a house was not that elegant, but very cozy, joyful and glory.

Family room interior design


Family room interior design

Retro furniture in the minimalistic interior design is characterized with regular shapes, round surface and simple construction. The good old folding coach is a main element in the living room and the wooden high tables are placed both – in the kitchen and in the dining room. High and wide sections with many cabinets and shelves are covering the whole wall in the room and it is accommodating some rich library collection and all the porcelain sets you have inherited from your granny. The damask of the furniture is bright and the most popular motives in the retro interior design are the dots, the checks and the stripes.

Stylish decoration living room


Stylish decoration living room interior design

Decoration elements in the retro minimalistic interior design for a room are authentic and even ancient. A great idea is to include in your living room interior design an old telephone, a gramophone, a wooden Baroque clock or other antiques. Painting with a famous and important for the human evolution historical figure will emphasize the retro line and combining it with your own old photos in black and white on the shelves you will achieve some amazing effect in your home interior design. Pick up some retro frames from them and match them to the fabulous retro chandelier or lamps in a shape of a street lamp.
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Elegant interior design by Geometrix


Elegant interior design by Geometrix

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