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Minimalism in contemporary living – comfort and sophistication


Minimalist bedroom interior design

Minimalism is a universal style. He appeared in the mid 20th century but is still relevant in modern interior design. The minimalist style is a response to the dynamics of modern life. He radiates calm and mild with simple forms of furniture. The clean lines and lack of unnecessary features a calming effect. These requirements make it ideal style for the interior of modern living. Low furniture, hanging shelves and the lack of decorative details and screens suggest a sense of space and make the room bigger and brighter. The room radiates comfort and sophistication.

Modern minimalist design living room


Modern minimalist design living room

Characteristic of minimalism are the ideal geometric forms-cube, rectangle and sphere. The furniture must be extremely simple contours. In the design using wood, metal, glass and stone. Like the decorative elements and furniture colors are used very sparingly. Preferred is white. It conveys a sense of lightness, purity and refinement. White low furniture can be complemented with a thick fluffy carpet in gray and black.

Minimalist living area interior design


Minimalist living area interior design

In the modern minimalist design possible combination of bright contrasting colors with black and gray. Red or green crushed fresh air in the space of strict geometric shapes. These shades in combination with glass and mirrors make the design complete. Daily in a minimalist style has only the most necessary furniture. Removed redundant everything that hinders vision. The room even looks empty and sterile. To overcome the feeling of sterility is better to have large wall paintings. All the furniture is arranged perfectly.

Minimalist interior architecture apartment


Modern minimalist interior architecture apartment

The walls and floor of minimalist living in neutral colors. Most often the flooring is white or natural color of wood. Wood is preferred for the living room floor. It conveys a sense of warmth and comfort. Very interesting is the classic contrast of black and white in the walls. In this combination also selected furniture in black and white. Light plays an important role in the living room in a minimalist style. The lighting of lamps and the sun has the ability to breathe life into the clean space. The shape of the lamps is also subject to the strict geometry of minimalism. Large round tube is placed just above the small round table in the living room. Another rectangular lamp is built into the ceiling above the dining table.
Text by Dani Alexandrova

Contemporary minimalist dining area interior


Contemporary minimalist dining area interior

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