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Interior design of a house in the mountains


Many modern families have second homes for weekend getaways and vacations away from the hustle of the city. Usually the house is in a picturesque village in the mountains. People are attracted to green plants and fascinating panorama that changes every season. Peace and quiet loaded with energy.Most often mountain holiday house is a renovated old building. In this case, the new owners reorganized in January, according to their own needs without making major construction activities. First thing in the repair of an old house is building a modern bathroom. This is one of the largest investments in the reconstruction of housing. It is building a new water supply, putting sanitary ware.

House in mountains


The owners of the house in nature prefer natural materials in interior and exterior. Stone and wood are most often used in family building. These materials are used in standing and old houses. Modern humans retain the idea of the ancient builders and kept beautiful wood ceilings, built-in cabinets with carvings, authentic fireplace. If repairs are required minor adjustments of the facade, replacing the roof and woodwork of doors and windows, plastering the walls. You should not make drastic changes to not look like mountain town house apartment.

Wooden wall decor


There are rare cases of new construction. In this option, people are acquainted with their architect. Ideally, the end result is that it merges with nature and is not in contrast with other buildings. The modern house has all the amenities and ergonomics requirements. If the area is well lit by the sun, can be installed solar panels on the roof. They will save money on heating.Wood dominates in all rooms of the house for a family vacation.

 Flooring in mountain house


Furniture, flooring or parquet floor to find their natural place in the mountain house. Wood is a staircase to the second floor. It brings warmth and comfort. Most often in natural color and is of native tree species. Very impressive is his aging.

Fireplace in mountain home


The fireplace is an indispensable part of the design of the mountain house. Live fire brings comfort and coziness. Modern trends are to the fireplace with a glass chamber. This increases efficiency and allows warm air to exit through the hole.House for a family vacation is different from home in the city. It should provide comfort.


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