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Innovations and modern decisions for the interior design


Elegant mahogany dining room furniture

In the global world we live in, being influenced by foreign cultures in terms of trends is unavoidable. It affects the furniture materials among other aspects. Exotic materials make the furniture, surrounding us, more beautiful and the interior – majestic. Combinations between classical or modern design and exotic wood, such as mahogany, palm leaf and water hyacinth, make the furniture look unique. With their help, the spirit of the Orient can step inside every household. They are suitable furniture for the living room, dining room and garden. If minimalism and contemporary modern style furnishing is what we prefer, then the materials we used would be different.

Modern kitchen furniture


Modern aluminium and glass kitchen furniture

Natural lava rock, aluminium and solid steel would the furniture an appealing contemporary look. They are appropriate for constructing the kitchen furniture. Another modern combination is hard concrete or rock with aluminium and glass. A new outlook in the interior design decisions introduces new materials for producing furniture. Coriander and similar types of trees give opportunity for futuristic shapes to be introduced in the interior design. All nuances can be suitable for many different designs. Bright red, for instance, is becoming increasingly popular. It does not only look excellent, but it also brings in better mood and positivism. Red as an interior colour for accessories will make the entire room cheerful and impressive.

Innovative bedroom interior


Innovative bedroom interior in red and black

Classic contrast of black and white, or black and red, are becoming more and more common for the interior design. Extravagant colour decisions give way to bravery and the will to experiment, to seek and use the innovative ideas more often.

LED lighting in the interior


Beautiful LED lighting in the interior

Lighting innovations are also coming into effect. LED systems are most commonly used, because of the opportunity they give for putting an accent onto a specific piece of furniture, and for showcasing all the beautiful possessions at home. Colour and lighting effects can now be a part of the interior decisions in each and every room in the household.

Modern living room furnishing


Modern living room furnishing

Photo prints will help us put our personal touch amidst the complicated geometric shapes and breathtaking lines and curves, thus adding our own sentiment to the furnishing plan.
Given stamps and formalism no longer belong in our home. The future belongs to the brave ideas and innovative thinking for the everyday elements, which surround us. Thus, a new look to furnishing will be established.

Boyan Angelov

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