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Minimalist interior design living room

Never living space in modern buildings is not enough. People often need more space. They want another bedroom for guests, a separate room for music, a place for fitness… Did you know that the desires are fully met? Have you ever thought how much unused space there in your home? Let’s start from the cellar. There are usually discarded unnecessary or seasonal items. With imagination and skill that space can be converted into a pleasant place. One option is to turn it into a room to watch football with friends.

Basement living space interior


Basement residential living space interior

With fewer resources basement becomes a second living room. Good effect is achieved if refreshed with new paint and textiles. It is important to provide that the basement is usually a small window is not highlighted enough. This requires the design to be determined in light colors. A few highlights in bright colors fresh the room and make it nice and cozy. It is important to consider the isolation of moisture, and to conceal plumbing installations. If the cellar is of sufficient size, it can have a bar with drinks, with the same success took over the premises of a study or gym.

Attic bedroom interior


Attic bedroom interior

Reconstruction depends on the willingness of the family. The possibilities are many. Now look at the ceiling. He also as a basement is often unused space. Room under the roof is ideal for one or more cozy bedrooms. One option is to become a modern studio. If the roof is a sloping ceilings can be raised to install additional windows. This increases the effective area and enter the room more natural light. Insulation panels protect against high temperatures in summer and cold in winter. Roof covered with wood creates extra comfort and isolation.

Stylish attic bedroom interior


Stylish attic bedroom interior

No rational space under the staircase between the housing and ceiling. Have you ever thought that it could become a laundry room? It is first to do plumbing. A simpler and cheaper option is there to be built in wardrobe. It will hold plenty of clothes and shoes and remove bulky furniture out of the rooms. Functional modern housing required to use every inch wisely, this is a guarantee of comfort and air for more people.

Residential living room interior


Residential living room interior

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