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Ideas for furnishing a small studio


Cozy modern small studio apartment

Designing a small studio is rather challenging, as its small area to work on and the need to fit everything in a single room can be a tough task to plan out.
Regardless of the limited area, separate zones should be established in the confines of the room. It would be good, if they can be separated in some way. Sliding doors divide the room into sections without taking up a lot of room’s area. Harmonica-doors serve the same purpose. The convenience they create is that at a certain moment part of the space is hidden and separated, without furniture and other objects having to be moved. A desktop can execute the same function by separating the kitchen’s zone from that of the living room.

Small studio interior


Small studio with white sofas

When choosing the furniture for a small studio, the main priority is being able to fit everything within the small space. Such way of furnishing is perfected in Asia. Multifunctional folding furniture is most suitable in this case. They are used for relaxation and gatherings for good comfort, and for beds during the night time. Folding sofas and couches are the most common furnishing of this type. A braver approach can also be used. Futons are a way to live out the Asian way of living. They are folded onto the ground at night for sleeping on and stored back in a drawer during the daytime. Light folding tables and chairs for the dining-zone also save up space, which automatically makes them a very good idea.

Small studio with desk


Contemporary workspace with desk in small studio

The working crib can take up very little space, if the opportunities for placing lighter folding constructions, such as computer desks, are utilized. In order to create an optical illusion for more space, the colour scheme for the walls should be light nuances and pastel tones. Simplistic colour decisions for the furniture and textile elements are also widely popular.

Small studio decoration


Small studio decoration with lighting

The decoration should be limited and fitting well in the room’s general design configuration. Good lighting can be achieved by equally spreading the light in the whole room and making it possible for daylight to be used for as long as possible. Light celestial materials for the curtains, outside blinds and avoiding heavy curtains can help achieve this.

Modern small studio


Modern small studio

The general impression of the studio should be for unity and correlation between the furnishing styles, a simple and pleasant interior and a cosy, harmonious atmosphere.

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