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How to make a great little apartment


Tiny apartment design

The small home is a challenge to many families to organize their functional and comfortable lives. Modern people are facing difficulties to have a comfortable kitchen, modern living room, separate bedrooms for parents and children. Often limited amount of apartments stimulate effective design solutions. One of the most popular ways small apartment can become a comfortable home is making a separate kitchen in the kids room or bedroom for the parents. In this case the kitchen is moved to the living room and is united in a common area.


Kitchen and living area for small apartment

A preliminary plan for the relocation of the conduit, the repair requires work and money, but the end result is good, the new room is multifunctional. The hostess does not lose contact with the family while cooking. Kitchen island saving space and serves both food and cupboards and appliances. He can assemble a sink, stove and small refrigerator. The former kitchen is usually small. This requires the design to be made very carefully. If the old kitchen was converted into a nursery, it is better to have beds on two floors. They save space and provide more space. It is very popular terrace to the kitchen to learn and its area to join the room.

Space saving furniture for living room


Wall bed space saving furniture for living room

This reorganization also requires architectural plan is necessary to strengthen the terrace, to support the weight of construction materials. Often found in variant small apartment living room is both a bedroom for the parents. More choice of furniture should be made of this feature set. Good sofa can be stretched and at night turns into a comfortable bed. The market offers a double sofa mattress easily pulls. The bed can be made to order and in the morning to lift the wall in the evening to be removed, during the day it looks like a shelf and does not take place.

Attic apartment renovation bedroom


Attic apartment renovation bedroom space interior

Parents’ bed can be placed in a niche of the room. An interesting option is to bunk lifted high and people picked it up a little ladder. In place under the bed are fitted wardrobes for clothes and blankets. Attic is another option for a bedroom, guest room or study room. The roof can be easily installed windows and attic room has adequate natural light, it is very romantic evening watching the stars from your bed and you wake up the morning sun.

Text by D. Alexandrova

Space saving twin bed design


Modern space saving hide twin bed design

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